Isaiah Chapter 42

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Di Servant Wey Baba-God Choose

  1. See my servant wey I make strong, di one wey I choose, wey dey make my soul dey sweet me. I don put my Spirit for hin body: he go bring justice to di nations.
  2. He no go cry out, or raise hin voice make dem hear am for street.
  3. He no go break even grass wey don dey fall, and he no go quench light wey don dey off; he go bring justice for truth.
  4. He no go fail, and notin go make am lose mind, until he don set justice for di whole earth. And di islands go wait for hin laws.
  5. Baba-God wey make di heavens, con stretch dem out; nahin stretch out di earth and everitin wey dey come out of am. Nahin dey give breath to di pipo wey dey stay for di earth, and nahin dey give spirit to di pipo wey dey waka for di earth—and Baba-God tok sey,
  6. “Me Baba-God, don call you to show my goodness, I go hold your hand, and I go protect you, I go give you to my pipo Israel, as sign of my agreement wit dem—and you go be light wey dey shine for di nations;
  7. to open eyes wey don blind, to carry prisoner komot from prison, and to carry pipo wey dey sidon for inside darkness—komot from inside prison house.
  8. Na me be Baba-God, na my name be dat; and I no go give my levels to anoda pesin, and I no go give my praise to images wey dem carve. 
  9. See, di old tins don happun, and na new tins I tok about now; I go let you know before dem happun.”

New Song of Praise

10. Sing new song for Baba-God, and sing hin praises from where di earth take end, una wey dey travel for big-river (sea), plus everitin wey dey inside di water, di islands, plus everi pesin wey dey stay for there.

11. Make di deserts and di cities wey dey for there—raise dia voice, di villages where Kedar dey stay; make di pipo wey dey stay for di rocks sing, make dem shout from on top of di mountains.

12. Make dem cut-cap for Baba-God, con tok about hin praise for di islands.

13. Baba-God go march out like champion, he go come out like warrior wey dey vex: He go cry for war wit loud shout. Yes, and he go win hin enemies.

14. E don tey wey I just dey silent, I just dey quiet, and I hold body; now I go cry like woman wey wan born pikin; I go scata and I go swallow at once.

15. I go turn di mountains and di hills to waste, I go make all dia plants dry, I go turn rivers to dry land, and I go make di canals dry.

16. Naso I go carry blind pipo pass di road wey dem bin no know, I go carry dem follow road wey dem no sabi before. I go turn darkness to light for dia front, and I go make bend-bend tins straight. Na dis tins I go do to dem, and I no go fashi dem.

17. Dem go turn back, serious shame go catch pipo wey trust idols, pipo wey dey tell dia idols sey, “Na you be awa gods.”

Israel No Dey See And Dem No Dey Hear-word

18. Una wey deaf—make una hear. And una wey blind—make una look, so dat una go see.

19. Who dey blind, if no be my servant? Or who deaf, like my messenger wey I send? Who blind like di pipo wey I don choose, wey be Baba-God servant?

20. You dey see plenty tins but you no dey observe, you dey open your ears, but you no dey hear anytin.

21. Baba-God dey happy becos of hin clean-heart, he go give di law levels, con turn am to sometin wey pipo dey respect.

22. But dis na pipo wey dem don rob and wey dem don obtain; dem dey inside trap for hole, and dem hide all of dem for inside krench (prison); dem be like point-and-kill, and no pesin dey to save dem. Dem be like pipo wey dem dey rob and no pesin dey to tell di robbers sey, “Give dem back.”

23. Who among una go open hin ears to listen to dis tins? Who go obey, con hear for di future?

24. Who make dem rob Jacob, and who give Israel to robbers? Abi no be Baba-God wey we don sin against? Becos dem no gree waka for hin ways, and dem no gree obey hin law.

25. So he don pour hin hot vex on dem, con make dem suffer wit serious war. And he don set faya round am, but he no still know, and e burn am but he no still learn anytin.


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