Isaiah Chapter 43

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Israel Only Savior

  1. But now, na wetin Baba-God tok, Baba-God wey make you, oh Jacob, and Baba-God wey form you, oh Israel. No let fear catch you; becos I don save you, I don call you wit your name; you belong to me.
  2. When you pass inside water—I go dey wit you, and wen you pass inside river—di water no go carry you go: wen you waka pass faya—e no go burn you, and di faya no go roast you.
  3. Becos na me be Baba-God your Oga, di Holy One of Israel, wey dey save you. I sacrifice di life of Egypt for your life, and I give Ethiopia and Seba for you.
  4. Since you be beta tin for my eyes, you get level, and I love you, so I go give men for you, con sacrifice pipo for your life.
  5. No dey fear, becos I dey wit you, I go bring your pikin from di east, con gada una from di west.
  6. I go tell di north sey, ‘Let dem dey go,’ con tell di south sey, ‘No hold dem back.’ Carry my sons come from far and my daughters from di ends of di earth;
  7. Even all di pipo wey dey call my name: becos I make dem to bring levels for me. Na me form am; yes, na me make am.
  8. Bring di blind pipo wey get eyes, plus di deaf pipo wey get ears.
  9. Make all di nations gada togeda, and make all di pipo gada: who among dem fit tok dis tin, con show us tins wey don happun before-before? Make dis gods bring dia witness to confam sey dem dey correct, to tok sey wetin dem tok na true.
  10. “Na una be my witness,” naso Baba-God tok, “And my servants wey I don choose, so dat una go know, con believe me, and understand sey na me be Am. No God bin dey before me, and no God go dey afta me.”
  11. Me, even me—na me be di Oga, and no pesin fit save una apart from me.
  12. I don yarn, and I don save, and I don show mysef—wen strange gods bin dey among una, so all of una na my witness sey na me be Baba-God,” naso Baba-God tok.
  13. “Yes, before time start, na me be Baba-God and I go always be. No pesin fit escape from my pawa; no pesin fit change wetin I do.”

Dem Predict As Babylon Go Take Scata

14. Naso Baba-God tok, wey save you, di Holy One of Israel, “Becos of you, I don send army against Babylon, and I don bring down all of dem as prisoners of war—even di Chaldeans go run wit di ship wey bin dey make dem happy.”

15. Na me be di Oga, una Holy One, di Pesin wey make Israel, una king.”

16. Na wetin Baba-God tok, wey dey make road for inside big-river, and road for inside big-big water;

17. wey dey gada di horses and horse-moto of Egypt, wit di army plus di warriors; dem go fall down togeda, dem no go fit rise up again from di water. Dem no dey again, and dia life off like light for lantern!

Baba-God Pipo Go Save

18. Fashi di tins wey don happun before, and make una no reason old tins.

19. See, I go do new tin, na now-now-now e go start, abi una no know?—I go even make road for inside desert and rivers for inside desert.

20. Di animals wey dey for forest go respect me, di dragons plus di owl; becos I dey give water for inside desert, and rivers inside desert—to give drink to my pipo wey I choose.

21. I form dis pipo for mysef, dem go show my praise.

              Israel No Dey Faithful

22. But una neva call on me, oh Jacob, but una don taya for me, chai Israel.

23. Una neva bring sheep to come do sacrifice for me, and una neva show me respect me wit una sacrifices, even though I no force una to serve me wit offering, or make una taya wit incense [to ask for offerings of incense].

24. Una no buy nice incense for me, or make me belleful wit di fat of una animals. Instead, una sins be like load for me; una make me taya for di wrong tins wey una dey do.

25. And still, na me be di God wey dey forgive una sins—becos of who I be. And I no go remember una sins.

26. “Remind Me, make we argue di mata togeda! Bring una case, to show sey una dey right!

27. Una first ancestor commit sin; una teachers don sin against me,

28. Nahin make me disgrace di priests of una holy-place, I put curse on Jacob, and I make shame catch Israel.”


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