Isaiah Chapter 45

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Cyprus Na Baba-God Instrument

  1. “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok—to Cyrus wey he anoint, wey he hold hin right hand to control nations for hin front, to loose di weapons from di waist of kings, to open di gates of strong-house for hin front—and di door no go fit close.
  2. ‘I go go for your front to make di bend-bend places straight; I go break di gates of brass into pieces, and I go cut di thick-iron—to pieces.
  3. I go give una di beta-beta-tins wey hide inside darkness, plus riches wey hide for coded places, so dat you go know sey na me be di Oga wey dey call you wit your name, na me be Baba-God of Israel.
  4. Becos of Jacob my servant, and Israel wey I choose, I don even call you wit your name: I call you wit name wey get levels, even though you no bin know me.
  5. Na me be Oga, and no oda oga dey, no God dey apart from me. I don give una weapons, even though una no even know me.
  6. So dat dem go know, from where di sun take dey rise, and from di west—sey no oda God dey apart from me. Na me be Baba-God, and no oda God dey.
  7. Na me form di light and na me make darkness; na me dey make peace, and na me make evil, na me Baba-God dey do all dis tins.
  8. Oh heaven, make you drop down from up-up, and make di skies pour goodness come down, make di earth open and make dem bring out salvation, and make goodness rise up togeda. Na me Baba-God make am.
  9. Wahala for di pesin wey dey drag wit Baba-God wey make am. You be ordinary claypot among oda claypot! Abi clay go con tell di pesin wey make am sey, “Wetin you dey make,” or di clay fit tok sey, “You no sabi your handwork?
  10. Wahala for di pesin wey tell hin papa sey, ‘Wetin you born?’ or to hin mama sey, ‘Wetin you bring come dis life?’
  11. Dis na wetin Baba-God dey tok, di Holy One of Israel, and di God wey make Israel: “Who give you di mind to ask me about my sons? Abi na you go tell me wetin to do?
  12. I don make di earth, con make man for di earth. Na wit my hands I take stretch di sky for up, and na me dey control di sun, moon, plus stars.
  13. I don bring Cyrus up wit clean-heart, and I go direct all hin ways. He go build my city, and he go free my pipo wey be prisoners, and no be becos of moni he go do all dis tins,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.

Baba-God Na Di Only Savior

14. Naso Baba-God tok, “Di market of di Egyptians, plus di market of Ethiopians, and even di tall men of Seba—go come meet una, and dem go belong to una: Dem go follow una as prisoners for chains. Dem go kneel down for una front, con tok sey, ‘Baba-God true-true dey wit una, and nahin be di only God. No oda God dey.’”

15. True-true, you be God wey dey hide yoursef, oh Baba-God of Israel, wey dey save pesin.

16. Shame plus disgrace go catch all of dem. All of dem wey dey make idols go enta kata-kata togeda.

17. But Israel go save for inside Baba-God forever. No pesin go use you do anyhow, or disgrace una again.

18. Na wetin Baba-God tok—wey make di heavens, Baba-God hinsef wey form di earth, con make am. He don make am stand gidigbam. He no make am for notin [in vain], he form am so dat pipo go live inside, “Na me be Oga, and no oda pesin dey.

19. I no tok for inside secret, I no tok for dark place. I for no tell di pipo of Israel to fyne me if I know sey dem no go see me. Me Baba-God, na only truth I dey tok, and na only di correct tins I dey yarn.

20. Make una gada unasef, make una come, una wey escape from di nations. Na mumu pipo dem be—pipo wey dey set idols of wood and wey dey pray to gods wey no fit save pesin.

21. Make una yarn, con carry una mata come, make una reason togeda. Who tok about dis tins before-before? Who tok about dem from olden days? Abi no be me, Baba-God? And no oda God dey apart from me, God wey good and wey dey save pesin. No oda God dey apart from me.

22. Make una look me from di ends of di earth—so dat I go save una, becos na me be Baba-God, and no oda God dey.

 23. I don swear by mysef, di word don komot from my mouth wit clean-heart, and e no go bounce back: sey, ‘Everi knee go bow to me, and everi tongue go swear.’

24. Dem go tok about me sey, ‘Na only inside Baba-God goodness plus pawa dey; but all di pipo wey hate Am go come meet am, and shame go catch dem.

25. Na inside Baba-God all di pikins of Israel go get justice and na Him dem go use make-mouth.


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