Isaiah Chapter 46

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      Babylon Idols

  1. Bel dey bow down! Nebo don go down, dem carry dia idols put on donkeys and dem load am put on top malu: dem load your trucks well-well, and dem be heavy load on di animal wey don taya.
  2. Both di idols plus dia owners don bow down togeda. Di gods no fit protect di pipo and di pipo no fit protect di gods. Enemies go carry dem komot togeda as prisoners.
  3. Listen to me, oh house of Jacob, and all di pipo wey remain from di pikin of Israel—wey I care for since dem born una. Yes, I carry you before dem born you;
  4. Even reach your old age—I dey kamkpe, and I go take care of una reach wen una hair don white. Na me make you and I go take care of you; I go epp you and I go save you.
  5. Who you go use take compare me, and who be my mate, wey una go take compare me—so dat we go resemble?
  6. Some pour gold komot from dia bags con weigh silver; dem pay goldsmith to make idol, and dem bow down con dey worship am.
  7. Dem carry am for dia shoulder, con carry am. Dem set am put for e place, and e dey stand for there and e no fit move from place. Even though pesin pray to am, e no fit ansa or save dem from dia palava.
  8. “Remember dis tin, and get-mind, keep am for una heart—una wey be sinners.
  9. Remember di tins wey happun before-before; becos na me be Baba-God, and no oda God dey. Na me be Baba-God, and no pesin be like me.
  10. I dey show di end from di starting, and from olden days—I don tok wetin go happun. I tok sey, ‘My plan go stand, and I go do everitin wey I like.’
  11. I call bird wey dey hunt from east; man wey go do my plan from far-far land. Yes, I don tok, and I go do wetin I tok; I plan am and I go do wetin I plan.
  12. Listen to me—una wey get stubborn heart—una wey dey far from clean-heart.
  13. I don carry my goodness come near una, e no go dey far from una, and I no go waste time to save una, and I ready to save Jerusalem, con show my levels to Israel.


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