Isaiah Chapter 47

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Dem Predict As Babylon Go Take Fall

  1. Come down, make you come sidon for dust—oh virgin daughters of Babylon. Sidon for ground; king-chair no dey—oh daughters of Chaldeans, dem no go call una soft ajebuta again.
  2. Take grinding stone make una grind food; no cover your hair, no wear shoe, komot di skirt from your lap, con cross di river.
  3. Your nackedness go open down, yes, pipo go see una shame. I go revenge on una and I no go sorry-for any pesin.
  4. As for awa saviour, Baba-God Almighty na hin name, di Holy One of Israel.
  5. Make una sidon silent, and make una enta darkness, oh daughters of Chaldeans—becos dem no go call una madam of kingdoms again.
  6. I bin dey vex for my pipo, I don spoil my own property, con carry dem put for your hand, and you no sorry-for dem, una even make old pipo do hard work.
  7. And una tok sey, ‘I go be madam forever,’ sote una no put dis tins for inside una heart or reason as e go be las-las.
  8. So make una hear dis tin now—una wey like flexing, wey dey live anyhow, wey dey tok for una heart sey, ‘Na only me dey, and no oda pesin dey apart from me, I no go sidon as widow and I no go ever lose any of my pikin.’
  9. But dis two tins go meet una for one minute and for one day—even though una get plenty jazz plus otumorpkor, dem go come on you fully; you go lose your pikin, and you go turn to widow.
  10. Becos you trust your wickedness; you tok sey, ‘No pesin fit see me.’ Your wisdom plus everitin wey you sabi—don make you waka miss-road. And you bin tell yoursef inside your heart sey, ‘Na me dey—no oda pesin fit be like me.’
  11. Naso evil go meet you, you no go sabi where e go start from, and kasala go fall on you and una no go fit stop am. Before you know—una land go empty, and una no go know.
  12. Use all una otumorkpor!—Di jazz wey una don dey use since. Maybe dem fit epp una, or maybe una fit am make una enemies fear.
  13. Una no get pawa upon all di advice wey una get. Make di pipo wey sabi read stars come save una, those wey dey look stars, plus di pipo wey dey prophesy everi month—make dem stand up, con save una from dis tins wey go soon happun to una.
  14. But dem be like grass wey dey burn for faya; di faya go burn dem; dem no fit save demsef from di faya. E no go be faya wey dem go use take make demsef warm and no be faya wey dem go sidon near to chill.
  15. Naso dem go be for una—those (pipo wey dey read stars plus di jazzmen) wey una don consult since wen una small; all of dem don waka go dia own way, and no pesin dey to save una.


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