Isaiah Chapter 48

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Israel Get Coconut-head

  1. Hear dis tin Oh house of Jacob, wey dem dey call Israel, wey come from di waters of Judah, and wey swear wit Baba-God name. Dem dey call di God of Israel—but no be wit truth or wit clean-heart.
  2. Dem tok sey dem be from di Holy city and dem dey depend on Baba-God of Israel. Baba-God Almighty na hin name.
  3. Baba-God tell Israel sey, “From di starting nahin I don tok tins wey don happun; di word come out from My mouth and I make dem hear am. I do dem sharp-sharp and dem happun.
  4. Becos I know sey una stubborn, una neck get iron muscle, and una forehead strong like bronze.
  5. I even tell una from di starting, I show una before e happun, so dat una no go tok sey, ‘Na my idol do am, and na di image wey I carve, and di image wey I mould nahin make dem happun.’
  6. Una don hear, con see all dis tins, abi una no go tok about dem? From now, I go tell una new tins, even secret tins wey una no sabi before.
  7. I dey make dem now [dem go happun wit di words of prophecy], and dem no dey before; una neva hear about dem before, so dat una no go tok sey, ‘See, we sabi dem before!’
  8. Yes una neva hear am; yes, una no know am; yes, from dat time wey una ears neva open: becos I know sey una no go dey loyal to me, and una be sinners from una mama belle.
  9. I go chill from my vex for now—becos of my name; and I go calm down for una—becos of my praise, so dat I no go cut una komot.
  10. See, I don make una pure again, but no be wit silver; I don choose una inside di faya of suffer-head.
  11. For my own sake, even for my own sake nahin go make me do am; how dem go spoil my name? And I no go give my levels to anoda pesin.

Baba-God Promise To Save Israel

12. Make una hear me, oh Jacob plus Israel wey I don choose; na me be am; na me be di first and na me still be di last.

13. My hand sef nahin set di foundation of di earth, and my right hand nahin stretch di heavens: wen I call dem, dem dey stand up togeda.

14. Make all of una gada unasef and make una hear; which idol don bin tok dis tins? Baba-God don love am, and he go do wetin he like against Babylon, and hin hand go dey against di Chaldean.

15. Me, even me don yarn. Yes, I don call am: I don carry am come, and hin way prosper.

16. Make una shift come near me, make una hear dis tin; I neva tok for secret from di starting, from di time wey e happun nahin I don dey for there: and now Baba-God wey be Oga, and hin Spirit—nahin don send me.”

17. Naso Baba-God wey dey save you tok—di Holy One of Israel; “Na me be Baba-God your Oga, wey dey teach you how to make gain, wey dey teach you di way wey you suppose follow.

18. If to sey una just listen to my wetin I dey tell una to do, naso una peace for don be like river, and una goodness for don be like waves for big-river.

19. Una pikin-pikin-pikin for be like sand-sand! And di pikin wey dey inside una for plenty like gravel; hin name for no cut komot or scata from my front.”

20. Make una komot from Babylon, make una run komot from Chaldean, wit voice of singing make una tok, make una tok dis tin, make una tok am reach di end of di earth; make una tok sey, ‘Baba-God don save hin servant Jacob.’

21. So water no hungry dem wen dem pass tru di desert. He make water flow komot from rock for dem to drink. He divide rock and water rush come out for dem to drink.

22. “Peace no go dey for wicked pipo,” naso Baba-God yarn.


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