Isaiah Chapter 49

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You Be My Servant

  1. Make di islands listen to me and make una hear my voice—una wey dey for far-far. Baba-God don call me from inside my mama belle, and na from inside my mama he take call my name.
  2. He don make my mouth be like sharp sword. He don hide me for di shadow for hin hand. He make me be like sharp arrow wey he hide inside hin bag-of-arrow.
  3. He con tell me sey, “You be my servant, oh Israel—wey go give me levels.”
  4. Naso I tok sey, “I don hustle for notin, I don use my pawa for notin, and in vain; but surely—my judgement dey wit Baba-God, and my work dey wit my God.
  5. And now Baba-God wey form me from my mama belle—to be hin servant, to carry Jacob go meet am again—to bring back di pipo of Israel wey don scata. Baba-God don give me levels, and my God na my pawa.
  6. He tell me sey, “Na small tin for you to be my servant, to raise up di tribes of Jacob, and to bring back di remaining pipo of Israel wey Baba-God dey protect. I go still turn you to light for di nations, so dat na you go epp me save pipo reach di end of di earth.”
  7. Naso Baba-God wey save Israel tok, and di Holy One of Israel, to am wey man hate, to am wey di nations no like, to di servant of rulers, “Kings go see and dem go rise, princes sef go worship, becos of Baba-God wey faithful, and di Holy One of Israel, and he go choose you.”

Zion Go Dey Okay Again

8. Naso Baba-God tok, “For di right time nahin I don hear you, and for di days of salvation nahin I epp you. I go guard you, and I go give you as agreement for di pipo—to build di land wey don scata, and to make dem claim dia empty land.

9. To tell di prisoners sey, ‘Come outside,’ and to those pipo wey dey for darkness, ‘Come outside for light!’ Dem go be like sheep wey dey chop green grass for road, and dem go chop green grass for everi high hill.

10. Hungry no go catch dem and dia throat no go dry. Heat or sun no go burn dem. Becos di God wey dey sorry-for dem go lead dem, and he go carry dem go water wey dey flow.

11. I go make all my mountains turn to road, and my main-roads go lift up.

12. See, dem go come from far-far—some go come from north and from west; and some go come from di land of Sinim.

13. Sing, oh heavens, and make you dey jolly oh earth. Make singing burst from di mountains: becos Baba-God don cool hin pipo down, and he go sorry-for hin pipo wey dey face suffer-head.

14. But Zion tok sey, “Baba-God don fashi me, and my Oga don forget me.”

15. “Abi woman wey dey give her pikin breast fit forget her pikin—sote she no go sorry-for her baby-boy wey she carry for belle? Yes, dem fit forget, but I no go shenk (forget) you.

16. See, I don draw you for inside my hand, and I dey always tink about your walls.

17. Una sons go come sharp-sharp; di killers and those pipo wey scata una go komot from una.

18. Carry your eyes go up make you look round, con see! All dis pipo dey gada togeda, and dem dey come meet you, as surely as I dey live,” naso Baba-God tok, “Dem go be like fine cloth, jewelries or fine-fine wedding designs for woman wey wan marry.”

19. “Una kontri bin scata and wey empty, but now e go too small for those pipo wey dey come live for there. And those pipo wey scata una go komot far from una.

20. Una pikin wey una go born afta una lose di first ones, go tell una sey, ‘Dis land too small we need more space to live!’

21. Den you go tok for your heart sey, “Who born all dis pikin for me, as I don lost all my pikin, and I don empty, and I be prisoner wey dey waka upandan? And who raise dis ones? See I bin dey alone and dis ones, where dem be dey before?

22. Na wetin Baba-God di Oga tok, “See, I go raise my hand to di nations, con send sign to di nations, and dem go bring una sons for dia hand, con carry una daughters come for dia shoulder.

23. Na kings go be di papa wey go take care of una, and dia queens go be di mama wey go take care of una, dem go bow down for una wit dia face for ground, con lick di dust wey dey for una leg; and una go know sey na me be Baba-God; becos shame no go catch di pipo wey dey wait for me.

24. Abi pesin fit collect wetin soja obtain from war, abi pesin fit save di prisoner of strong ruler?

25. But naso Baba-God tok, “Even di prisoners of strong men go komot from hin hand, and di pipo wey no-strong go escape from evil pipo hand, becos I go fight di pipo wey dey fight you, and I go save una pikin.

26. I go give di pipo wey dey oppress una—dia own flesh make dem chop. Naso dem go drink dia own blood, con high like sey na sweet wine; and everi pesin go know sey na me be Baba-God wey epp una, and una Saviour—di Ogbonge One of Jacob.


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