Isaiah Chapter 5

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Di Song of Di Grape-farm

  1. Now I go sing for di pesin wey I love well-well—song of my love about hin grape-farm. My love get grape-farm on top of hill wey produce plenty fruit.
  2. And he fence am, e gada all di stone from am, con plant am wit di best vine. He build tall-house inside di farm, and he still build wine-factory inside am. He con reason sey di farm go produce grapes, but na wild fruits di farm con produce.
  3. Now oh pipo of Jerusalem and men of Judah, abeg judge between me and my grape-farm.
  4. Which more tin I for do for my grape-farm wey I neva do?—Why e con be sey wen I look sey e go produce grapes, but e con produce wild grapes?
  5. Now make I gist una wetin I go do to my grape-farm. I go komot di fence from am, so dat pipo go con carry am chop, and I go break down di wall, and dem go march am for ground.
  6. I go turn am to waste, no pesin go maintain am or dig am, but shuuku-shuuku and wild trees go grow for there. I go still tell di clouds sey make e no pour rain on am.
  7. Di grape-farm of Baba-God Almighty nahin be di house of Israel, and di men of Judah na hin farm wey dey make am happy: He look for justice, but na oppression nahin he con see, he look for goodness but na cry-cry he con see.

Wahala For Wicked Pipo

8. Wahala for una wey dey buy plenty house and plenty land, until place no go dey for oda pipo to live, and na only you go live for di land.

9. I hear as Baba-God Almighty dey tok sey, “True-true, many houses go empty, even fine-fine houses go dey wit no pesin to live inside dem.

10. Ten acres of grape-farm no go produce six gallons of wine. Ten baskets of seed go produce only one basket of food.

11. Wahala for di pipo wey dey wake up for early morning so dat dem go fit drink ogogoro; we dey flex reach night—sote di ogogoro go con put faya on dem!

12. Dem dey flex wine wit beta music for dia big party—wit music instruments (strings and harp, sheke-sheke, and flute), but dem no-send Baba-God work and dem no even dey reason hin handwork.

13. So my pipo don turn to slave for foreign land becos dem no know anytin, and dia men wey get levels dey hungry, and water dey hungry all of dem.

14. So hell don big more-more, con open e wide mouth down. And dia levels, plus dia plenty pipo, and dia buga, plus di pipo wey dey jolly—all of dem go enta inside am.

15. Di wicked men go fall down, and di strong men go calm down, and di pipo wey get big-eyes go respect demsef.

16. But Baba-God Almighty go get levels inside justice, and Baba-God wey pure go show sey he holy inside hin clean-heart.

17. Lamb go chop grass for beta green-land, and strangers go chop for di scata-scata places of bigmen.

18. Wahala for di pipo wey dey drag sin wit ropes of lie-lie, and wey dey drag wickedness as if na rope for dragging load;

19. We dey tok sey, “Make he do fast-fast, and make he do hin work sharply so dat we go see am, and make di advice of di Holy one of Israel come near, con come, so dat we go sabi am!

20. Wahala for di pipo wey dey call evil tin—good tin; wey dey call good tin—evil tin, wey dey put darkness for light, and light for darkness, con dey put bitter tin for sweet tin, and sweet tin for bitter tin!

21. Wahala for di pipo wey wise for dia own eyes, and we get sense for dia own eyes!

22. Wahala for di pipo wey sabi drink ogogoro well-well, and wahala for strong men wey dey mix wine.

23. Pipo wey dey tok sey wicked pipo na good pipo becos of moni, con komot di clean-heart of good pipo from dem!

24. So as faya take dey burn dry plant, and as faya take dey burn chaff, naso dia root go rotten, and dia flower go blow komot like dust, becos dem don throway di law of Baba-God Almighty, and dem fashi di word of di Holy One of Israel.

25. So Baba-God don dey vex like faya against hin pipo, he don stretch hin hand against dem, he don nack dem; and di mountains dey shake. Naso dia deadbody con tear scata for street, wit all dis tins, hin vex no still turn komot, but he still stretch hin hand.

26. He go send sign to far-far land, and whistle to those wey dey for di end of di earth. Dem go rush come Jerusalem.

27. None of dem go taya or fall among dem, none of dem go sleep, or let sleep carry am go. No single belt go lose, and no sandal hook go spoil.

28. Dia arrow go sharp and dia bows go ready for war. Dia horse-shoe go strong like stone, and di tyres of dia moto go be like rolling-breeze.

29. Dem go halla like lion, dem go shout like young lions. Yes, dem go halla, and dem go catch dia meat, con carry dia meat komot wit safety, and no pesin go fit save am.

30. On dat day, dem go shout against dem like di noise of big-rivers (seas); and if pesin look di land, na darkness and cry-cry he go see, and dark clouds go cover di sun.


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