Isaiah Chapter 50

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Israel Sin

  1. Naso Baba-God tok, “Where di divorce papers wey I take pursue your mama komot? Or which of di pipo wey I dey owe, wey I sell you to dem as slaves? True-true, una sell unasef as slaves becos of una bad ways; and dem pursue your mama komot becos of your evil ways.
  2. “Why my pipo no gree ansa me wen I go meet dem? Why dem no gree ansa me wen I call dem? Abi my hands too short sote e no fit save pesin? Abi I no get pawa to save? I fit make di big-river dry wit one word, con turn rivers to desert, sote di fishes wey dey inside go smell, becos no water, water go hungry dem die.
  3. I fit make di sky turn to black, con make dem wear sackcloth.
  4. Baba-God don give me di tongue of pesin wey know-book, so dat I go sabi how to tok for di correct time to pesin wey hin spirit don taya; he dey wake me up everi morning, he dey wake up my ears to hear word like pesin wey know-book.
  5. Baba-God wey be Oga don open my ears, and I no disobey am, or turn back komot.
  6. I open my back for those pipo wey dey beat me, con open my cheeks for those pipo wey cut my bear-bear. I no hide my face from insult or wen dem spit on me.
  7. Becos Baba-God wey be Oga go epp me; so shame no go catch me; So I go make my face strong like stone. I know sey shame no go catch me.
  8. Baba-God wey dey make me dey right—dey near me; who fit follow me fight? Make we stand togeda: who be dat wey dey face me? Make he come near me.
  9. See, Baba-God wey be Oga go epp me. Who be dat wey go con dey condemn me? See, dem go old like cloth, insect go chop dem finish.
  10. Who dey among una wey dey fear Baba-God? Wey dey obey di voice of hin servant? Wey dey waka inside darkness, wey neva see light? Make he trust Baba-God name, and make he depend on hin God.
  11. See, all of una wey dey set una own faya [pipo wey dey arrange plan to save demsef], una wey dey surround unasef wit stick of faya, make una waka wit di light of una faya and among di stick of faya wey una don make. But dis na wetin una go get from my hand: Una go lie down inside suffer-head.


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