Isaiah Chapter 51

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Baba-God Go Save Zion

  1. “Listen to me—una wey dey follow di way of clean-heart, una wey dey fyne Baba-God. Put your eyes on di rock wey dem cut you from, di hole [quarry] wey dem dig you from.
  2. Look Abraham una papa, and look Sarah wey born you, becos na only am I call, con bless am, con make am brekete.
  3. Baba-God go show kind-heart to Zion, he go sorry-for di places wey don scata. Even though her land na desert, I go make am grow like di garden of Eden, con make her desert be like garden wey Baba-God plant. Joy plus happiness go dey for there, and  tanks-giving plus di voice of melody.
  4. Make una listen to me—my pipo, and make una give me una ears, oh my nation, becos I go give my teaching (law) to di nations, and I go make justice be di light of nations.
  5. My goodness dey near, my salvation don come out, and my hand go judge di pipo, di islands go wait for me and dem go trust my hand.”
  6. Carry your eyes go up face heavens, and make you look di earth wey dey under, di heavens go vanish like smoke, and di earth go old like cloth, and di pipo wey dey stay inside am go kpeme di same way; but my salvation go dey forever, and my goodness no go ever stop.
  7. Make una listen to me—una wey get clean-heart, di pipo wey my law dey for inside una, make una no fear di shame of men and no fear dia insults.
  8. Becos insect go chop dia body kpatakpata like cloth, and worm go chop dem like wool, but my goodness go dey forever, and my salvation go dey from generation to generation.
  9. Wake up, wake up, wear pawa for body, oh Baba-God hand; wake up like olden days, like di generations of before-before, abi no be your hand cut Rahab (Egypt) to pieces, con wound di big snake. (Egypt di big-snake of River Nile)?
  10. Abi no be you still make di big-river dry, di deep water, con make road for inside di water, so dat those pipo wey you save go fit cross over?
  11. So di pipo wey Baba-God save go come back, and dem go come wit singing enta Zion, and everlasting happiness go dey for dia head: dem go get happiness plus joy, and palava plus sadness go run komot.
  12. Me, even me, na me dey calm you down: who be you wey you con dey fear man wey go die, and man pikin wey go soon be like grass.
  13. And you con forget Baba-God wey make you—wey stretch di heavens, and wey set di foundations of di earth. Everi day you con dey fear di vex of your enemies, as if dem go scata una now-now-now. And where dia badbelle and vex dey now?
  14. Those pipo wey be prisoners for foreign land go soon get dia freedom; dem no go kpeme for inside pit, and dem go suffer becos of food.
  15. But na me be Baba-God di Oga, wey divide di big-river, wey e wave dey halla. Baba-God Almighty na hin name.
  16. I don put my words for your mouth, I don cover you for di shadow of my hand, so dat I go plant di heavens, con lay di foundations of di earth, con tell Zion sey, “Una be my pipo.”

Di Cup of Vex

17. Wake up, wake up, stand up, oh Jerusalem, wey don drink di cup of punishment wey Baba-God give us from Baba-God hand; una drink am finish and e make una waka like pesin wey don high.

18. No pesin dey to guide her among all di sons wey she bring up, and no one of dem dey hold her hand among all di sons wey she bring up.

19. Double wahala nahin don jam una: who go sorry-for una? Una land don empty, una land don scata, hunger dey, and war. And no pesin dey to sorry-for una.

20. Your sons don faint, dem dey lie down for front of all di streets like wild malu wey dem don catch for net; Baba-God dey vex well-well for dia head, Baba-God don change-am-for dem.

21. So make una hear now—una wey dey suffer, and una wey don high—but no be wit ogogoro.

22. Na wetin Baba-God di Oga tok—wey dey carry hin pipo mata for head, ‘See, I don komot di cup of highness from una hand—wey dey make una fall. Even everi drop from di cup of my vex. Una no go ever drink am again.

23. I go put am for di hand of di pipo  wey dey oppress una, wey tell una soul sey, “Bow down so dat we go waka on una, and una carry body put for ground, and like street for dem to waka pass.


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