Isaiah Chapter 52

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Baba-God Save Jerusalem

  1. Wake up, wake up, wear your strength for body—oh Zion. Wear your fine cloth—oh Jerusalem wey be di holy city. From now on, di pipo wey neva circumcise and di pipo wey no clean—no go enta inside you.
  2. Shake yoursef from dust; rise up make you sidon, oh Jerusalem: loose yoursef from di rope wey dey for your neck, oh prisoner daughter of Zion.
  3. Becos naso Baba-God tok, “Una sell unasef for notin, and naso una go get freedom wit-out moni.”
  4. Baba-God tok sey, “First-first, my pipo go Egypt to stay for there, and lata-lata di Assyrians oppress dem for no reason.
  5. “And now, wetin be dis,” naso Baba-God dey ask, “Why dem dey carry my pipo as slaves again for notin? Those pipo wey dey rule dem dey make-mouth, con dey use my name dey play from morning till night,” naso Baba-God tok,
  6. So my pipo go know my name. Dem go know on dat day—sey na me dey tok. See, na me.
  7. See as e sweet to see di legs of messenger wey dey come from di mountains, wey dey bring good news, and wey dey spread peace; wey dey spread good news about beta tins, wey dey spread good news about salvation; wey tell Zion sey, ‘Na your God dey reign!’
  8. Di watchmen wey dey for di gate of di city go raise up dia voice, dem go shout togeda wit happiness. Dem go use dia korokoro eyes take see as Baba-God go bring Zion again.
  9. Make una heart flow wit happiness, make una sing togeda, oh scata-scata places of Jerusalem, becos Baba-God don calm hin pipo down, he don save Jerusalem.
  10. Baba-God don open hin holy hands for front of all di nations; and all di ends of di earth go see as Baba-God take dey save pesin.
  11. Make una komot, make una komot from there, make una no touch anytin wey no clean, make una komot from her, make una clean unasef—una wey go carry di holy tins (from Babylon).
  12. Becos una no go komot wit rush, or komot sharp-sharp, becos Baba-God go dey for una front and Baba-God of Israel nahin go guard una for back.

Di Servant Wey Get Levels

13. Baba-God tok sey, “My servant go succeed for hin work; hin levels go high, pipo go respect am well-well and he go dey up-up.

14. But plenty pipo shock wen dem see am; hin face con wor-wor—sote he no be like human being. You go tink sey no be human being wen you see am.

15. Naso He go sprinkle many nations (wit hin blood wey dey save pesin); kings go fem (close mouth) becos of am, dem go see wetin pipo no bin tell dem. And dem go understand wetin dem neva hear.


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