Isaiah Chapter 53

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         Di Servant Wey Dey Suffer

  1. Who don believe wetin we tok? And who don see Baba-God strong hand?
  2. He go grow for hin front like soft plant, and like root wey komot from dry ground: he no get any shape and he no fine, and wen we go see am—we no go like am becos he no fine.
  3. Men hate am and dem fashi am; man of sorrow, and sadness na hin padi, we hide awa face from am; pipo hate am, and we no-send am.
  4. Surely, he don carry awa suffer-head, and he don take awa palava. But we bin tink sey na Baba-God nack am down, punish am, con downgrade am. 
  5. But dem wound am becos of awa sins, dem beat am becos of di bad-bad-tin wey we dey do. He use hin head take carry di punishment wey give us peace; and we don heal by hin wounds.
  6. All of us be like sheep wey don waka miss-road, everi pesin don turn face hin own way; and Baba-God don put all awa sins for hin head.
  7. Dem oppress am, and dem suffer am, but he no gree open hin mouth, dem carry am come like lamb wey dem wan kill, and as sheep take dey keep quiet wen dem wan remove di wool for hin body—naso he take close hin mouth.
  8. Dem carry am komot from prison and from justice, and who go tok about hin generation? Dem cut am komot from di land of di living: dem beat am becos of my pipo sins.
  9. Dem bury am like criminal, dem bury for rich man grace, becos he no commit any crime or even do wayo wit hin mouth.”
  10. But Baba-God wish to nack am wit suffer-head. Even though Baba-God make hin life as sacrifice to bring forgiveness, he go see hin pikin-pikin-pikin. He go live long, and na tru am Baba-God plan go succeed.
  11. Afta he see di work wey hin soul don do, he go get happiness again; and becos of wetin he don see, my good servant go make plenty pipo to see di light (make dem be clean pipo for Baba-God), becos he go carry dia sins komot.
  12. Naso I go take give am position of respect, place wey dey among di ogbonge pipo wey get pawa (kings and rulers). He use free-mind take give hin life—even till death, and dem count am among bad men. He carry plenty pipo sins, and he stand for sinners.”


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