Isaiah Chapter 54

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Di Future Levels of Zion

  1. “Sing—oh woman wey no get pikin, you wey neva born pikin, and start to dey sing out—you wey neva push pikin come out before, becos di woman wey dem bin fashi—don get pikin pass woman wey don marry tey-tey,” naso Baba-God tok.
  2. Add more space join your compound, and make dem stretch di curtain of where you dey stay. No hold back. Make una gada more building material (long ropes and strong sticks).
  3. Becos you go spread out for right and for your left. Di nations go belong to una pikin, and una go make pipo full inside di empty cities.
  4. No fear, no let shame catch you; and no let disgrace catch you, becos shame no go catch you. You go forget di shame of your youth, and you no go remember di disgrace as you be widow.
  5. Baba-God wey make you nahin be your husband. Hin name na Baba-God Almighty; nahin be your saviour—di Holy One of Israel. Dem go call am di God of di whole earth.
  6. Baba-God don call you like young wife wey her husband don fashi, and wey dey feel sad inside her spirit. But Baba-God don call una back to hinsef, con tok sey,
  7. “Na for short time I fashi una, but I sorry-for una well-well—con gada una.
  8. I hide my face from una small—wit small vex, but na wit everlasting kindness I go take sorry-for una,” naso Baba-God wey save you tok,
  9. “Just as I bin swear for di time of Noah sey I no go cover di earth again wit water, naso I dey swear now—sey I no go ever vex for una again, or punish una.
  10. Di mountains go komot and di hills go remove, but my goodness no go komot from una, and di agreement of my peace no go komot from una,” naso Baba-God tok, wey dey sorry-for una.
  11. Oh suffer-head city, wey heavy-breeze dey throw upandan and wey neva calm down, see, I go lay your stones [con build you] wit fine-fine-stones, and I go lay your foundations wit sapphires.
  12. I go build una tall house of defence wit rubies, con build una gates wit crystal (stones wey dey shine), con build una walls wit fine-fine-stones.
  13. Naso all una pikin go learn about Baba-God, and una pikin go get beta peace.
  14. Na inside clean-heart you go take stand gidigbam: you go dey far from oppression, fear no go fit catch you, gbege [terror] go dey far from you—becos e no go ever come near you.
  15. See, dem go surely gada togeda, but no be me send dem, any pesin wey gada togeda against you go fall yakata becos of you.
  16. See, na me make di blacksmith wey dey build faya and wey dey make weapons. Na me sef make di armies wey dey scata tins.
  17. No weapon wey dem form against you go work; and everi tongue wey wan bad-mouth you for judgement—go bend. Na dis be di birthright of di pipo wey dey serve Baba-God, and dia goodness na from Baba-God,” naso Baba-God tok.


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