Isaiah Chapter 55

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Dem Invite Everi Pesin To Life of Yanfu-yanfu

  1. Oh, any pesin wey hin throat don dry, make e come near di water, and pesin wey no get moni, make una come buy, and make una chop. Yes, come, buy wine plus milk wit no moni or price.
  2. Why you dey spend moni for wetin no be bread, and you dey hustle for wetin no dey belleful una? Listen to me well-well, and chop beta tin, and make your soul dey jolly as e dey chop yanfu-yanfu.
  3. Bring your ears, and make you come meet me; hear and your soul go live. I go make agreement wit you forever—based-on how I take dey always sorry-for David reach.
  4. See, I don give am as witness to di pipo, leader and commander to di pipo.
  5. See, una go call nation wey una no know, and nations wey no know una go run come meet you becos of Baba-God your Oga, and becos of di Holy One of Israel—becos he don give you levels.
  6. Fyne Baba-God wen you fit still see am around, call am wen He still dey near [wen he neva go far from you].
  7. Make wicked man komot hand from bad-bad-tins, and make bad man fashi hin bad mind. Make he go back to Baba-God, and Baba-God go sorry-for am. Make he turn to awa Baba-God, becos Baba-God go sorry-for am well-well.
  8. “Di way I dey tink no be di way una dey tink, and my ways no be like una ways,” naso Baba-God tok.
  9. “As heaven take high pass earth, naso my ways take high pass your ways, and naso my tinking take high pass your tinking.
  10. As rain take dey come down, and snow from heaven, and dem no dey go back up, but dem dey water di earth and dey make am grow wit plants—so dat e go give food to farmers, and for food for pipo wey dey hungry;
  11. naso di word wey komot from my mouth go be, e no go bounce back to me wit-out result, but di words go do di tins wey dey make me happy, and e go succeed for di tins wey I send am.
  12. Una go go out wit happiness and na peace go dey for una front. Di mountains plus di hills go start to dey sing for your front, and all di trees for di land go clap dia hands.
  13. Instead of shuuku-shuuku to grow—di fir tree go grow, and instead of wild flower—myrtle go grow; dem go make name for Baba-God, for everlasting sign wey no go fit fade komot.”


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