Isaiah Chapter 57

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Israel Dey Follow Oda Gods In Vain

  1. Man wit clean-heart kpeme—and no pesin reason why e happun. Men wey sabi sorry-for pipo don die—and no pesin dey reason sey good men don komot from di evil wey go soon come.
  2. Those pipo wey dey follow di right way dey rest in peace wen dem die.
  3. But make una come here, una wey be witch pikin, una wey be ashawo plus olosho pikin.
  4. Who una dey use play? Who una dey make una big mouth for, con carry una tongue come out? Abi una no be pikin of sin, pikin of fake life,
  5. una dey worship una idols wit seriousness, for under everi green tree, una dey kill small-small-pikin for bottom-of-mountain, and for inside holes for high rocks?
  6. Una god na di smooth stones wey dey under stream. Una dey worship dem wit una drink offering plus food offering. Abi una tink sey all dis tins dey make me happy?
  7. Una don set una bed for di high mountains. Na for there una give sacrifice to idols.
  8. Una don put idol signs for back of una door and for doormot. Una fashi me con climb di beds of dis mumu gods, and una open am wide. Una don make agreement wit di pipo wey una don fall in love wit dia beds, and una don look dia naked body.
  9. Una don go meet di king (of pagan pipo) wit olive ororo plus plenty perfumes, con send una messengers go far-far even reach di land of di dead.
  10. Una don taya to dey waka-waka follow idols, but una no gree give up. Una passion give una new pawa, so una kontinu to dey waka-waka.
  11. Which idol dey make you fear, or who dey make your mind-cut—sote you con lie, and you no gree remember me, or put my words for your heart? Abi becos e don tey wey I dey keep quiet nahin make una no dey fear me again?
  12. Now I go show di good tins wey una dey claim to do. None of dem go epp you.
  13. Make we see if una idols go fit save una wen una cry go meet dem for epp. Becos breeze go blow dem komot! If you just breath on dem, dem go fall yakata. But di land go belong to any pesin wey trust me, and dem go claim di holy mountain.”

Baba-God Dey Forgive Di Pipo Wey Repent

14. He go tok sey, “Make una build di road again! Komot di rocks and stone so dat my pipo go fit come back from di land wey dem dey serve as slaves.”

15. Baba-God wey dey up-up, wey get levels and wey dey live forever, di Holy One—tok sey, “I dey stay for high and holy place wit those pipo wey get humble spirit, and pipo wey dey feel bad wen dem do bad, and I go ginger di spirit of humble pipo and pipo wey get heart wey dey repent.

16. Becos I no go fight una forever, and I no go always dey vex. If I dey vex, all di pipo go die wit di souls wey I don make.

17. I bin dey vex, so I punish dis pipo becos of dia longatrot, and I nack dem down. I komot from dem, but dem kontinu to dey move for dia own stubborn way.

18. I don see hin ways and I go heal am. I go lead am sef, and I go make him, plus di pipo wey wey dey cry wit am—dey comfortable again,

19. Na me dey make praise dey for dia lips; Alafia, peace to pipo wey dey far-far, and to pipo wey dey near,” naso Baba-God tok, “And I go heal dem.”

20. But wicked pipo be like big-river wey no dey rest, wey dey always spit out portor-portor plus yama-yama.

21. “Peace no dey for wicked pipo,” naso Baba-God tok.


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