Isaiah Chapter 58

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Fasting Wey Baba-God Like

  1. Shout out, no stop, raise your voice go up like trumpet, and show my pipo di bad-bad-tins wey dem don do, and show di house of Jacob dia sins.
  2. But dem still dey fyne me everi day, and body dey sweet dem to sabi my ways, as nation wey dey do good tins, and wey no go ever fashi di law of dia God: dem dey ask me about di laws of justice, dem dey happy to come meet Baba-God.
  3. Di pipo dey ask sey, “Why we go fast if Baba-God no dey notice am? Why we go dey wit-no food if Baba-God no dey look awa side?”
  4. Una fasting dey make una like fight and argue. Abi una tink sey dis kind of fasting go make me hear una prayers?
  5. Abi na dis kain fasting I want?—wey una go dey suffer unasef? Abi una tink sey na to dey bow una heads like grass, con dey spread sackclothes and ashes wey una go use take lie down? Abi una go call dis kain one fasting? Abi una tink sey Baba-God really like dis kain fasting?
  6. Na dis be di kain fasting wey I want! To loose di rope of wickedness? To komot di heavy weight from slaves, to free pipo wey una dey oppress, and make una break everi load from pipo neck?
  7. Abi no be to give your food to pipo wey dey hungry, and make una bring poor pipo wey dey outside—enta una house? And wen una see pesin wey no get cloth, una go give am cloth? And make you no hide epp from una family?
  8. Naso your light go take shine well-well like morning sun, your body go sharp-sharp get good health, your clean-heart go guard you, and Baba-God levels go dey for your back to protect you.
  9. Na den una go pray, and Baba-God go ansa; you go cry, and he go tok sey: ‘I dey here.’ If una stop to dey oppress pipo, to dey point finger, and stop to dey bad-mouth;
  10. And if your spirit sorry-for di pipo wey dey hungry, con epp di souls wey dey suffer, naso your light go take rise from notin, and your darkness go be like afta-noon,
  11. Baba-God go always guide you, con make your soul belleful even wen everi where dry. He go make your bones fat. You go be like garden wey dem dey water. You go be like water wey dey flow and wey no dey stop.
  12. And your pipo go build di old places wey don kpafuka; you go raise up di foundations of plenty generations; and dem go call you di, ‘Repairer of Di Wall Wey Don Break,’ and ‘Di Builder of Di Streets Wey Pipo Go Live.’
  13.  “If you turn your leg from breaking di Sabbath, and you no dey do your own business on dat day, but you enjoy di Sabbath, con tok about am wit happiness as di holy day of Baba-God.  If you respect Baba-God and you no follow your own ways, or do di tins wey you like, or yarn okpata on dat day;
  14. naso body go take sweet you for Baba-God; and I go make you ride on top of high places of di earth, and you go enjoy di land wey I give your ancestors Jacob. Me—Baba-God nahin tok am.”


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