Isaiah Chapter 59

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Sin Dey Separate Pesin From Baba-God

  1. See, Baba-God hand no short—sote e no fit save pesin, abi he ears block—sote he no fit hear pesin.
  2. But di bad-bad-tins wey una dey do don komot una from Baba-God, and una sins don make hin face hide from una—sote he no go hear una.
  3. Becos una hands don stain wit blood, and una fingers don do bad-bad-tins, una lips na lie-lie, and una tongue don tok bend-bend tok.
  4. No pesin dey ask for justice and no pesin dey ask for di truth, dem trust useless tins, and dem dey tok lie. Dem dey plan gbege, and dem dey bring bad-bad-tin.
  5. Dem dey hatch viper snakes eggs, con dey weave spider webs. Any pesin wey chop dia eggs go kpeme; any pesin wey break di eggs—go hatch viper snake.
  6. Dem no go fit cover demsef wit dia works—dem useless like clothes wey dem make wit spider webs. All dia ways brekete wit bad-bad-tins and fight-fight dey for dia hands.
  7. Dia leg dey run go meet evil, and dem sabi shed innocent blood quick-quick. Dia tinking na evil tinking; waste-waste plus scata-scata nahin full dia way.
  8. Dem no sabi di way of peace, goodness plus justice no dey for dia life. Dem don set bend-bend road, and any pesin wey waka pass there no go see peace.
  9. So justice dey far from us, and goodness no dey reach where we dey. We dey fyne light but na only darkness we dey see. We want make awa life dey shine but we dey waka inside darkness!
  10. We dey fyne wall like blind pesin, and we dey move around as if we no get eyes, we dey waka jam sometin for afta-noon as if na night; we dey for empty areas like dead men.
  11. All of us dey halla like bears, and we dey cry well-well like doves until awa throat wound. We fyne justice, but we no see anytin. We fyne wetin go save us, but e con far from us.
  12. Awa sins don plenty for your eyes, and di bad-bad-tins wey we do dey tok against us. Awa sins dey wit us. Yes, we know di kain sinners wey we be.
  13. Inside di bad-bad-tins wey we dey do; di lie-lie against Baba-God, to fashi Baba-God, to tok about oppression and to disobey, and to reason and tok fake words from inside awa heart.
  14. So judgement don turn face back, justice con stand far-far, truth don fall for street, and honesty no fit enta.
  15. Yes, truth don fail, and pesin wey dey run from evil dey make bad pipo hunt am. Baba-God see am and body no sweet am sey justice no dey.

Na Only Baba-God Fit Save

16. He con see sey no man dey, and he surprise sey no pesin dey epp or pray for dem. So he use hin strong hand take save dem, and hin goodness make dem dey kamkpe.

17. He wear goodness as hin fighting-cloth, hin helmet of salvation dey for hin head, and he wear di cloth of revenge as hin dress, con tie passion like wrapper.

18. He go pay dem based-on wetin dem don do. He go vex for di pipo wey dey fight am, he go pay back hin enemies; he go pay back di islands.

19. Naso dem go dey fear Baba-God name from di west, and dem go fear hin levels from where di sun dey rise. Wen di enemies go come like plenty-water, Baba-God Spirit go go raise standard against am.

Di Agreement of Di Savior

20. Di Saviour go come Zion, and he go meet di pipo inside Jacob—wey turn komot from dia evil ways,” naso Baba-God tok.

21. Baba-God tok sey, “As for me, na my agreement wit dem be dis, my spirit wey dey on you, and my words wey I don put for your mouth, no go komot from your mouth or komot from di mouth of your pikin, or from di mouth or your pikin-pikin, from now until forever,”


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