Isaiah Chapter 60

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Di Future Levels of Zion

  1. Rise up, shine, becos your light don show-face, and Baba-God levels don rise up on you.
  2. See, darkness go cover di earth, and serious darkness go cover di pipo, but Baba-God go rise on you, and dem go see hin levels on you.
  3. Nations go come see your light, and kings go come see as you take dey shine.
  4. Carry your eyes round you and make you see, all di pipo wey dey gada demsef togeda, dem dey come meet you. Your sons go come from far-far, and you go take care of your daughters for your side.
  5. Den you go see and your eyes go shine, and your heart go surprise, con dey happy, becos di plenty tins wey dey for di big-river go turn to your own, di beta-beta-tins of di nations go come meet you.
  6. Plenty camels go come meet you. Di young camels of Midian and Ephah. Those from Sheba go carry gold plus frankincense come—as dem dey praise Baba-God.
  7. All di animals of Kedar go gada for you. Dem go bring di rams of Nebaioth come your altar; I go accept dia offerings, and I go give levels to di house of my glory.
  8. Who be dis ones wey dey fly like cloud and like doves to dia windows?
  9. Surely di islands go wait for me, and di ships of Tarshish first, to carry your sons come from far-far, plus dia silver and gold wit dem—to di name of Baba-God your Oga, and to di Holy One of Israel, becos he don give you levels.
  10. Sons of strangers nahin go build your walls, and dia kings go serve you. I bin dey vex wen I punish una, but now I go show una my favour, con sorry-for una.
  11. So una gates go always dey open, una no go lock am for day or for night; so dat men go carry di beta-beta-tins of di nations enta inside una, and dem go carry dia kings come.
  12. Becos di nations and kingdoms wey no go serve you go scata. Yes, those nations go turn to waste kpatakpata.
  13. Di levels of Lebanon go come meet you, di fir trees, di pine trees, and di box tree togeda, to make my holy place fine well-well. I go make di place wey I stand put—get levels.
  14. Di sons of di pipo wey oppress you go come bow down to you, and all di pipo wey hate you go come bow down for your leg. Dem go call una—‘Di city of Baba-God, di Zion of di Holy One of Israel.’
  15. Wheras dem bin hate una con fashi una—sote no pesin dey come una side. I go make una great and fine forever. Place of happiness for plenty generations.
  16. You go suck di milk of di nations sef, con suck di breast of kings; and you sabi sey na me be Baba-God wey epp you, plus your Saviour—di Ogbonge One of Jacob.
  17. Instead of brass—I go give you gold, instead of iron—I go give silver, instead of wood—I go give brass, and I go give you iron instead of stones. I go make una rulers turn to peace; I go make dem rule wit justice.
  18. Dem no go hear about fight-fight for your land again, and wasting or scata-scata no go dey for inside your borders. But una go call una walls—‘Salvation,’ and una gates—‘Praise.’
  19. Di sun no go be una light for day again; and di light of di moon no go be una light, but Baba-God nahin go be una light forever, and your God go be your levels.
  20. Your sun no go go down again; and di moon no go hide esef; Baba-God nahin go be your light forever, and di days of your cry-cry go end.
  21. All your pipo sef go get clean-heart, di land go be dia property forever, di branch of wetin I plant, di work of my hands, so dat I go get levels.
  22. Even una smallest families go turn to thousands, and di smallest pipo go turn to strong nation. Me, Baba-God go make am happun quick-quick for e time.


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