Isaiah Chapter 61

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       Di Year Of Baba-God Favour

  1. Baba-God Spirit dey on me; becos Baba-God don anoint me to preach good news to humble pipo, he don send me to heal pipo wey dia heart don break, to tell prisoners about freedom, and to open prison for those pipo wey dem chain;
  2. He don send me to tok sey dis na di time for Baba-God to save hin pipo, and di time for am to revenge; and to calm everi pesin down—wey dey feel sad.
  3. To give those pipo wey dey cry for Zion; beauty—instead of ashes, di ororo of happiness—instead of cry-cry, and di cloth of praise—instead of spirit wey don press down. So dat dem go call dem correct trees, and seed wey Baba-God plant, so dat he go get levels.
  4. And dem go build di old places wey don kpafuka, dem go build di areas wey bin scata, con repair di cities wey don empty for many generations.
  5. Na strangers go stand to feed una animals, and di sons of foreigners nahin go dey work for una farms.
  6. But dem go call una, ‘Baba-God Priest.’ Men go call una, ‘Baba-God servants.’ Una go chop di beta-beta-tins of di nations, and una go make mouth sey dem belong to una.
  7. Instead of shame and katakata, una go get double portion of beta tins for una land, and double portion of respect. And dem go dey happy forever.
  8. Baba-God tok sey, “I like justice. I hate robbery plus oppression plus wrong tins. I go use faithfulness take pay my pipo, con make agreement wit dem forever.
  9. Dem go sabi dia pikins among di nations, dem go sabi dia pikins among di pipo. Everi pesin wey see dem go confam sey na dem be di seed wey Baba-God don bless.
  10. I go happy for Baba-God well-well, my soul go jolly inside Baba-God; becos he don make me wear di cloth of salvation, he don cover me wit di cloth of clean-heart, and just like  man wey wan marry take dey baffup wit fine-fine tins, and as woman wey wan marry take dey dress up wit jewelries.
  11. As di earth take dey make tins grow, and as garden take dey make di seeds wey dem plant inside am—grow come out, naso Baba-God go take show hin goodness to di world, and all di nations go praise am!


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