Isaiah Chapter 63

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Baba-God Judgement On Di Nations

  1. Who be dis wey dey come from Edom? Wit cloth wey dem dye from Bozrah? Dis one wey get levels from hin cloth, wey dey travel wit di greatness of hin strength?—“Me wey dey tok wit clean-heart, wey get big pawa to save pipo.”
  2. Why una clothes red like dis, as if una bin dey press grapes?
  3. “Only me bin dey work for di wine-factory; no pesin bin dey for there to epp me. I don march my enemies wit vex, and dia blood go stain my clothes, e go stain all my clothes.
  4. Becos di day of revenge dey for my heart, and di year wey I go save my pipo don come.
  5. I look, but I no see pesin wey fit epp, and I surprise sey no pesin dey to epp. So my vex ginger me, and I use my own strong hand take save dem.
  6. I go march di pipo down as I dey vex, and I go make dem high wit my vex. I go drag dia pawa come down.

Dem Remember As Baba-God Take Dey Sorry-for Pesin

7. I go tok about Baba-God soft love, and di praises of Baba-God, based-on all wetin Baba-God don give us, and di ogbonge goodness for di house of Israel, wey he don put on dem based-on how he take dey sorry-for pipo, and based-on how hin soft love plenty reach.

8. He tok sey, “surely dem be my pipo, pikin wey no go lie,” so he save dem.

9. Inside all dia suffer-head—hinsef suffer wit dem, and di Angel wey dey for hin front—save dem; He save dem inside hin love and as he dey pity for pesin reach, and he raise dem up, con carry dem since olden days.

10. But dem disobey, dem vex hin Holy Spirit, so he turn to dia enemy, con dey fight against dem.

11. Naso dem go remember di olden days, wen Moses carry hin pipo komot from Egypt—con tok sey, ‘Where di Pesin wey carry Israel komot from di big-river [Red sea] wit Moses plus Aaron as di shepherds? Where Am wey dey send Hin Holy Spirit to dey among hin pipo?

12. Wey lead dem wit Moses right hand, wit hin hand wey get levels, wey divide di water for dia front, to make hinsef everlasting name?

13. Wey carry dem pass tru deep water like horse wey dey run for inside desert—so dat dem no go fall?

14. Just as malu take dey go chill for bottom-of-mountain, naso Baba-God Spirit dey make am rest; naso you take lead your pipo—to make your name get levels.

Prayer For Mercy

15. Look down from heaven, from your holy house wey get level, and make you see us. Where your ginger plus your pawa wey you bin dey show us? Where your mercy and soft-heart for me? Abi you dey hide dem from me?

16. We no get two-mind sey na you be awa papa, even if Abraham no know us and Israel no gree accept us, Oh Baba-God, na you be awa papa, awa Saviour; your name don dey from everlasting.

17. Baba-God, why you let us turn komot from your way? Why you con give us stubborn hearts sote we no dey fear you again? Come back make you epp us becos we be your servants, di tribes wey be your special property.

18. Your holy pipo don claim your holy-place, but na for short-time; awa enemies don march down your holy place.

19. You dey treat us as if no be you don dey rule us, as if we no be your pipo before.


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