Isaiah Chapter 64

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Prayer For Epp

  1. Oh, how I wish sey you fit tear di heavens and make you come down, so dat di mountain go flow down for your front.
  2. Like wen faya wey dey melt dey burn, di faya dey make di water boil, so dat your enemies go know your name, so dat di nations go fear for your front!
  3. Wen you come down before, you do ogbonge tin wey pass wetin we bin dey expect. And chai, see as di mountains dey shake!
  4. Becos since di starting of di world, men neva hear or understand wit dia ears, and dia eyes neva see Baba-God like you, and wetin you don arrange for di pipo wey dey wait for you.
  5. You dey welcome those pipo wey dey happy to do di right tins, those wey dey remember you for your ways. But you bin dey vex seriously wit us, becos we don do bad-bad-tins. We dey always do bad-bad-tins; how pipo like us fit dey save?
  6. But all of us be like tins wey no clean, all awa clean-heart be like dirty rags. We dey fade like leaf, and awa sins don blow us komot like heavy-breeze.
  7. No pesin dey call your name, wey dey ginger hinsef to hold you, becos you don hide your face from us, and you don burn us finish, becos of di bad-bad-tins wey we don do.
  8. Oh Baba-God, but now you be awa papa, and na we be di clay, na you dey mold us, and we be your handwork.
  9. No dey vex for us like dat Baba-God. Abeg no remember awa sins forever. We dey pray sey make you look us, con see sey all of us na your pipo.
  10. Your holy cities don turn to desert, Jerusalem don empty kpatakpata.
  11.  Di holy and fine house wey awa papa praise you put don burn wit faya; and all awa beta-beta-tins don turn to waste.
  12. Abi you no go reason dis tins Oh Baba-God? Abi you go tok anytin, and you dey punish us well-well?


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