Isaiah Chapter 65

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Di Goodness of Baba-God Judgement

  1. Baba-God tok sey, “I bin dey ready to ansa, but no pesin ask for epp. I bin dey ready for dem to meet me, but no pesin bin dey fyne me. So I tok sey, ‘I dey for here, na here I dey!’ to di nation wey no gree call my name.
  2. I don stretch out my hand tru-out di day to pipo wey no dey hear word, wey dey waka for way wey no good, wey dey follow dia own tinking.
  3. Pipo wey dey always make me vex for my face, wey dey do sacrifice for inside bush, and wey dey burn incense on top of altar of stone;
  4. Dem dey go among di graves for night dey worship dead pipo. Dem dey chop pig-meat and dem dey make stew wit oda animals wey be tufiakwa.
  5. But dem dey tell demsef sey, “Stand on your own, no come near me, becos I holy pass you.  Dem be smoke for my nose, dem be faya wey dey burn tru-out di day.
  6. “See, I don already decide dia punishment, I write di law for my front. I no forget wetin dem don do, but I go fully pay dem back! Yes I go pay dem back.
  7. Both for di bad-bad-tins wey una don do, plus di sins wey una papa don commit,” naso Baba-God tok, “Becos dem burn incense for di mountain, con insult me for di hills. I go pay dem back fully!”
  8. Baba-God tok sey, “I no go scata all of dem, becos just as dem take dey see beta grapes among di bunch of bad grapes, and some pipo go tok sey, ‘Make una no throway dem—some of those grapes good to make wine!’ naso I no go take scata everi pesin for Israel. Becos I still get true servants for there.
  9. Naso I go take make seed grow from inside Jacob; and from Judah, I go bring pipo wey go claim my mountains; di mountains go belong to pipo wey I choose, and my servants go stay for there.
  10. Sharon go full wit animals again, and bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Achor—go be place where animals go lie down put. E go happun like dis for all my pipo wey fyne me.
  11. “But becos una be pipo wey dey fashi Baba-God, wey dey forget di worship-place, and becos una don throw party for Gad (di Babylon god of luck), and una don mix wine as offering for Meni (di god of destiny).
  12. Now I go make una destiny end wit sword, all of una  go bow down to di pipo wey go kill una wit sword, becos una no gree ansa wen I call. Una no gree hear word wen I yarn. Una dey do bad-bad-tins for my korokoro eyes. And una chose to do di tins wey I hate.”
  13. See, na wetin Baba-God tok be dis, “My servants go chop, but hungry go catch una. See, my servant go drink, but una throat go still dry. See, my servants go happy, but shame go catch una.
  14. See, my servant go sing for happiness from dia heart, but una go cry for sadness from una heart, and una go halla becos una spirit dey para.
  15. Una name go be like curse word among my pipo, becos Baba-God Almighty go kill una, and he go call hin true servant wit anoda name:
  16. So dat any pesin wey dey ask for blessings for di land, or wey dey swear, go do am by di God of truth; becos I go put my vex for one side, con forget di evil of before-before.

      New Heaven Plus New Earth

17. See, I dey make new heavens plus new earth. Pipo no go remember di old one, and e go fade komot from dia mind.

18. But make una dey happy and make una celebrate forever for wetin I make; becos see, I make Jerusalem as joy and her pipo na happiness.

19. I go happy for Jerusalem, and jolly for my pipo. Dem no go hear di voice of cry-cry again from inside her, or di voice of pain.

20. “Small-small pikin no go kpeme wen dem young again, and old men go live dia full life—sote dem go reason pesin wey die for hundred year—as small pikin, and dem go reason pesin wey no reach hundred years old—as sign of curse.

21. Dem go build houses—con stay inside am, and dem go plant grape-farm—con chop from di fruits of wetin dem plant.

22. Dem no go build house wey anoda pesin go con stay inside, dem no go plant—wey anoda pesin go con chop am; becos my pipo go live long like trees, and di pipo wey I choose, for long time nahin dem go gbadun (enjoy) dia hand-work.

23. Dia work no go turn to waste, and dia pikin no go fall inside kasala, becos dem be pipo wey Baba-God don bless, and dia pikin sef go be blessing.

24. I go ansa dem even before dem pray, and as dem still dey tok—I go hear dem.

25. Di wolf and di lamb go chop togeda, and lion go chop grass like malu. But snake go chop dust. Dem no go do bad or evil for my holy mountains,” naso Baba-God tok.


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