Isaiah Chapter 66

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Heaven Na My King-chair

  1. Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis, “Di heavens na my king-chair, and di earth na stool for my leg, where di house wey una build for me? And where di place wey I fit rest put?
  2. My hand nahin make all those tins, and all those tins dey,” naso Baba-God tok. “But I go look on di pipo wey get low-key spirit, those wey dey turn from sin, and wey dey obey my word.
  3. Pesin wey kill malu—e be like sey na man he kill. Pesin wey sacrifice lamb—e be like sey na dog neck he cut komot; any pesin wey bring seed offering be like pesin wey dey bring pig blood; and pesin wey burn incense be like pesin wey bless idol. Evensef, dem don choose dia own ways, and dia soul dey enjoy dia own tufiakwa.
  4. So I go punish dem wit dia own whyning, con carry wetin dem dey fear, con put am for dia head; becos no pesin ansa wen I call; wen I tok, no pesin gree hear me: But dem do evil tins as I dey look dem, and dem choose di tins wey I hate.
  5. Hear Baba-God word, all of una wey dey fear hin word; your brodas wey hate you, wey pursue you komot becos of my name, dem dey yab you, con tok sey, ‘Make Baba-God receive all di praises. Get your happiness inside am!’ But na shame go be dia own.
  6. Voice of noise from di city, voice from di worship-place, voice of Baba-God wey dey pay back hin enemies.

Jollificate Wit Jerusalem

7. “My holy city be like woman wey just born pikin wit-out labor.

8. Who don hear dis kain tins? Who don see dis kain tins? Abi di earth fit produce in one day? Abi na at onces dem go take born nation? Zion no go feel pain before new nation go born.

9. Abi I go bring baby reach di time wey hin mama wan born am, and I no go con make e mama born am?” Naso Baba-God dey ask. “Lai-lai! I no go ever stop dis new nation from coming out like new pikin,” Naso Baba-God tok.

10. Make una jolly wit Jerusalem, and make una happy wit her all of una wey love her; make una rejoice wit happiness wit her, all of una wey dey cry for her.

11. So dat una go suck, and una go belleful wit her breast wey dey make pesin cool down, so dat una go get her milk, and make body sweet una wit her levels wey brekete.

12. Becos dis na wetin Baba-God tok, “See, I go carry peace go meet her like river, and di levels of di nations go meet her like stream wey dey flow. Naso una go suck her breast, she go carry una for hand, and una go dey for her lap.

13. Like pesin wey hin mama dey calm down, naso I go calm una down. And una go get comfort for inside Jerusalem.

14. Wen una see dis tin, una heart go happy, and una bones go grow like grass. Baba-God go show hin hand to hin servants, but he go vex for badbelle pipo.

Baba-God Las-las Judgement Against Wicked Pipo

15. See, Baba-God go come wit faya, and wit hin horse-moto wey be like rolling-breeze, to show hin vex wit seriousness, and to correct pipo wit faya.

16. Na wit faya and by hin sword Baba-God to take judge di world, and di pipo wey Baba-God go kill go plenty.

17. “Those pipo wey do ritual to make demsef pure and holy inside shrine for bush, con dey chop rats, pigs, and oda tins wey no clean—dem go end in a bad way,” naso Baba-God tok.

18. Becos I sabi wetin dem dey do and wetin dem dey tink: e go happun sey I go gada all nations and everi language, and dem go come, con see your levels.

19. And I go perform sign among dem, con send those wey survive to be messengers for di nations—to Tarshish, to di Lybians [wey sabi shoot arrow well-well], to Tubal plus Greece, and to all di kontris wey dey far-far afta di big-river wey neva hear about my big-name or see my levels. Na for there dem go tok about my levels for all di nations.

20. Dem go bring di remaining pipo come back from everi nation—wey survive among una pipo. Dem go carry dem come my holy mountain for Jerusalem as offering to Baba-God. Dem go ride horses, horse-moto, and donkeys plus camels, just as di pipo of Israel take dey bring offering inside clean container come Baba-God house,” naso Baba-God tok.

21. I go still choose some of dem as my priests and Levites,”naso Baba-God tok.

22. “Becos as surely as di new heaven and new earth go always dey, naso your pikin and your name go always dey,” naso Baba-God tok.

23. “And e go happun sey, from one new moon to di anoda one, and from one Sabbath to anoda—naso all di pipo go come worship me,”naso Baba-God tok.

24. So dem go go, con see di deadbody of di men wey don sin against me; becos di worms wey dey chop dia body no dey die, and di faya wey dey burn dem no dey quench, naso pipo go hate to see dem.”



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