Isaiah Chapter 7

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Message For King Ahaz

  1. E con happun for di days of Ahaz wey be di son of Jotham, di son of Uzziah, king of Judah—sey Rezin wey be di king of Syria, plus Pekah di son of Remaliah—king of Israel con go Jerusalem to fight against am, but dem no fit win di war.
  2. So dem tell di house of David sey, Syria don join-body wit Ephraim.” So hin heart con move, plus di heart of hin pipo, as trees for forest take dey move wen breeze blow.
  3. Baba-God con tell Isaiah sey, “Go meet Ahaz now, you and Shear-jashub your son. You go see Ahaz for di road wey di dry-cleaners dey, for di end of di canal wey bring water for di pool wey dey up.
  4. Tell am sey, ‘I dey warn you make you dey quiet, no let fear catch you, or make your heart dey cut, becos di vex of king Rezen and Syria, plus king Pekah—no hot pass two faya wood wey dey burn small-small wit smoke;
  5. Becos Syria, Ephraim, and di sons of Remaliah don plan against you, sey,
  6. “Make we go fight Judah, con make am vex, and make we break di wall so dat we go fit enta, con put awa own king for there—even di son of Tabeal:
  7. Naso Baba-God di Oga tok, ‘E no go stand, and e no go happun.
  8. Why? Becos di head of Syria na Damascus, and di head of Damascus na Rezin. And from now to sixty-five years, Ephraim go scata and e no go dey again as nation.
  9. And di head of Ephraim na Samaria, and di head of Samaria na Remaliah son. If you no believe, you no go fit surely stand gidigbam.

Di Prophecy  About Emmanuel

10. But Baba-God con follow king Ahaz tok again sey,

11. “Ask for sign from Baba-God your Oga, ask from inside ground or from up-up.”

12. But Ahaz ansa am sey, “I no go ask and I no go fit tempt Baba-God.”

13. Naso he tok sey, “Make you listen now oh house of David, abi na small tin make pesin dey disturb man, but una go disturb my God sef?

14. Na Baba-God hinsef go give una sign. See virgin go get-belle, con born baby-boy, and she go name am Immanuel.

15. He go chop butter and honey so dat he go know how to shenk evil, con choose good.

16. Before di pikin go sabi shenk evil, con choose good, both kings go komot from di land wey una dey fear so.

Judgement Wey Dey Come17. Baba-God go bring di king of Assyria on una and una pipo, and on your papa

house, days wey una neva see, since di day wey Ephraim komot from Judah.”

18. And e go happun on dat day, sey Baba-God go whistle for di fly wey dey for di far-far part of di rivers of Egypt (di army of di south of Egypt), and for di bees (army) wey dey for di land of Assyria.

19. Dem go come, con settle down for bottom-of-di-mountains wey deep and rugged, and for holes wey dey for inside high rock, and for everi shuuku-shuuku plant, and for everi green-land.

20. Na di same day Baba-God go employ barber from di oda side of di Euphrates—di king of Assyria! And he go shave di bear-bear, plus di hair for legs.

21. And e go happun on dat day sey, even if farmer fit save one small malu plus two sheep,

22. dem go produce milk wey brekete sote he go get everitin wey he need. Yes di small pipo wey survive for di land go get milk plus honey to chop.

23. And e go happun on dat day, na shuuku-shuuku plus wild flowers go dey for everi where wey one thousand vine tree wey worth one thousand pieces of silver—suppose dey.

24. Men go hunt for there wit bows plus arrows, becos di whole kontri go brekete wit shuuku-shuuku plus wild flowers.

25. Na so-so shuuku-shuuku go grow for all di hills where farm bin dey before, sote no pesin go fit go there. E go turn to place where malu plus sheep go march to chop grass.”


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