Isaiah Chapter 8

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Assyrian Go Take-over Di Land

  1. So Baba-God tell me sey, “Carry big paper, and use biro write inside am about Maher-shalal-hash-baz.”
  2. So I carry writers wey dey tok true, to write—Uriah wey be priest, plus Zechariah wey be di son of Jeberechiah.
  3. And I enta di prophetess (my wife), so she get-belle, con born baby boy. Naso Baba-God tell me sey, “Call hin name Maher-shalal-hash-baz.
  4. Becos before di pikin go sabi cry, ‘My papa and my mama,’ di king of Assyria go carry di beta-beta-tins of Damascus and di properties of Samaria.”
  5. Baba-God follow me tok again sey,
  6. “Becos dis pipo don fashi di water of Shiloah wey dey quiet, and dem dey happy for Rezin plus Remaliah son;
  7. Now see, Baba-God wan cover dem wit big-water from River Euphrates—even di king of Assyria and all hin levels; dis big-water go overflow for all di canals, con spread reach all di sides of di big-river.
  8. E go sweep enta Judah, e go over-flow, con pass tru [di mountains], e go reach even di neck, e go stretch hin feathers [di armies of Assyria] take cover di whole land—chai Immanuel.
  9. Make una gada togeda all di nations, but una go scata to pieces! Make una listen—kontris wey dey far-far. Make una ready to fight but una go scata to pieces! Yes, make una ready and una go break to pieces.
  10. Set una plan, but e go scata; tok di word, but e no go happun; becos Baba-God dey wit us.”

Warning To Fear Baba-God

11. Naso Baba-God take follow me tok wit strong hand, con tell me sey make I no follow di way of dis pipo—sey,

12. “No join di rebel plan of di pipo, no fear di tins wey dem dey fear.

13. Na Baba-God Almighty of heaven you go reason as Holy. Na only am you suppose dey fear; only am nahin suppose dey make you shake.

14. And he go be holy-place for you, but for di two house of Israel—he go be road block plus stone wey dey make dem fall. And he go be trap plus hook for di pipo of Jerusalem.

15. And plenty among dem go stagger, con fall. Dem go wound, con enta trap, and dem go catch dem.”

16. Tie di words wey dem write [keep Baba-God word], and seal di law plus di teaching among di pipo wey dey follow me.

17. And I go wait for Baba-God wey dey hide hin face from di house of Jacob, and I go look for am.

18. See, me and di pikin wey Baba-God don give me na for signs plus wonders inside Israel, from Baba-God Almighty wey dey stay for di mountain of Zion.

Punishment For Pipo Wey No Dey Follow Idols

19. Wen men tell you sey, “Make you meet pipo wey dey follow dead spirit tok, and jazzmen wey dey tok dia words small-small,” abi make pipo no fyne dia God? Abi pipo wey dey alive no suppose ask di dead?

20. Look Baba-God word and hin law! Pipo wey dey against Baba-God word dey inside darkness.

21. Dem [those wey dey meet jazzmen and pipo wey dey tok to dead spirits] go waka upandan for di land, dem go dey hungry, wit wahala for dia head, and wen hungry wan kill dem kpata-kpata, dem go dey vex, con look up, to curse dia oba (king) and dia Baba-God.

22. Naso dem go look di earth; and dem go see palava plus darkness, suffer-head wit no hope. And dem go run enta darkness and night.


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