Isaiah Chapter 9

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Di Govment of Di Pikin Wey Go Come

  1. But darkness no go dey again for those pipo wey dey face wahala [he go save dem afta he don punish dem]. Before-before, he humble di land of Zebulun plus di land of Naphtali, but for future he go honor Galilee where di foreigners dey stay, wey dey along di road of di big-river, for di oda side of River Jordan.
  2. Di pipo wey dey waka for darkness don see ogbonge light, and di light don shine for di pipo wey dey stay for di land of di shadows of death.
  3. You don make di nation grow, and you don give dem more joy; dem dey happy for you like di happiness for harvest, and like men wey dey happy wen dem collect tins from dia enemies.
  4. You don break di load of slavery, con komot di weight from dia shoulders, you don break di stick of di pipo wey dey oppress—just as you do wen scata di army of Midian.
  5. Di shoes of di warriors, wit dia soja clothes wey blood don stain—go burn. Dem go be fuel for faya.
  6. Dem go born one pikin for us, and dem give di boy to us; naso di govment go dey for hin shoulder, and hin name go be; Ogbonge, Adviser, di big God, di Fada wey dey forever, di Prince of Peace.
  7. Di prosperity and peace of hin govment no go end, for di king-chair of David, and for hin kingdom, to rule am, and to make am stand gidigbam wit judgement plus justice, from now till forever. Di ginger of Baba-God Almighty nahin go do dis tin.

Di Punishment Of Samaria

8. Baba-God send word against Jacob, and e don fall on Israel.

9. And all di pipo go know, even Ephraim, plus di pipo wey dey stay for Samaria wey dey feel-big as dem dey yarn wit stubbornness,

10. “We go change di blocks wey don break wit fine stones: di sycamore trees don cut, but we go change dem to cedars trees.”

11. So Baba-God go set di enemies of Rezin against am, con join hin enemies togeda.

12. Di Syrians go dey for front, and di Philistines for back, and dem go swallow Israel wit dia mouth wey open. Upon all dis, hin vex neva turn komot, hin hand still stretch go out.

13. Becos afta all dis punishment from Baba-God, di pipo no still repent, and dem no dey fyne Baba-God Almighty.

14. So na one day Baba-God go cut komot from Israel both head and tail; and di palm branch [wey high], plus d bulrush [low grass].

15. Di leaders of Israel na di head, and di prophets wey dey lie na di tail.

16. Becos di leaders of di pipo don carry dem waka miss-road, and dem make dia followers kpafuka.

17. So Baba-God no go get joy for dia young men, he no go sorry-for di ones wey no get papa plus dia widows, becos all of dem na fake-pipo and wicked pipo, and everi mouth dey tok yeye tin. Upon all dis tins, hin vex neva turn komot, but hin hand still stretch go out.

18. Wickedness dey burn like faya, e go burn di wild plants and shuuku-shuuku, and e go burn inside di thickest forest, and dem go rise up like smoke.

19. Di land don dark becos Baba-God Almighty dey vex. Naso di pipo go be like fuel for di faya, and everi pesin go attack hin own broda.

20. He go collect from hin right hand, and he go dey hungry, and he go chop from di left hand, and dem no go belleful. Everi man go chop hin own hand.

21. Manasseh vs Ephraim; Ephraim vs Manasseh, and dem go join togeda to attack Judah. But even so, Baba-God vex neva finish; hin hand still stretch out to punish.


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