Jeremiah Chapter 1

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     Di Words Of Jeremiah

  1. Dis na di words of Jeremiah, di pikin of Hilkiah, among di priests wey dey Anathoth—for di land of Benjamin:
  2. Na him Baba-God word go meet—for di days of Josiah—di son of Amon—wey be king of Judah—for di thirteenth year afta he climb di king-chair.
  3. Baba-God word still come meet am for di days of Jehoaikim wey be di son of Josiah, di king of Judah, until di end of di eleventh year of king Zedekiah wey be di son of Josiah, di king of Judah, until around di time wey dem carry di pipo of Jerusalem as slaves, for di fifth month.

Baba-God Call Jeremiah

4. Naso Baba-God word come meet me sey,

5. “Before I form you for your mama belle, I sabi you, and before you komot from your mama belle, I make you holy, con choose you as prophet for di nations.”

6. So I tok sey, “Ha, Oga, Baba-God! See, I no fit tok, becos I be small-pikin.”

7. But Baba-God con tell me sey, “No tok sey you be small-pikin: becos you go go meet all di pipo wey I go send you to, and you go tok anytin wey I tell you to tok.

8. Make you no fear dia face, becos I dey wit you to save you.” Naso Baba-God yarn.

9. So Baba-God stretch hin hand, con touch my mouth. Baba-God con tell me sey, “See, I don put my word for your mouth.

10. See, today, I don put you on top of nations plus kingdoms; to cut root komot, to push down, to scata, to throw down, to build and to plant.”

11. Still, Baba-God word come meet me sey, “Jeremiah, wetin you dey see?” So I ansa, “I dey see di branch of almond tree.”

12. Naso Baba-God tell me sey, “You don see well, I go ginger my word to do am sharp-sharp.”

13. And Baba-God word come meet me di second time, sey, “Wetin you dey see?” So I ansa am, “I dey see pot wey dey boil from di north. (Di mouth of di pot wan pour enta di south—Judah).”

14. Naso Baba-God tell me sey, “Evil dey come from di north wey go cover di land.”

15. “See, I go call all di families of di kingdom of di north, and dem go come”—naso Baba-God tok, “Di kings go come, and dem go build dia king-chair for di doormot of di gates of Jerusalem; dem go attack all di walls wey surround am plus all di cities of Judah.

16. And I go tok my judgement against my pipo, becos of all di wickedness of pipo wey don fashi me, and wey don burn incense to oda gods. Dem worship idols wey dia own hand make.

17. Make you ready! Stand up, con tell dem everitin wey I yarn you. No let dia face make you fear, or I go make you be like mumu for dia front.

18. See, becos today, I don make you be like city wey get defense, plus iron pillar, and strong wall against di whole land, against di kings of Judah, against dia princes, against di priests and against di pipo of di land.

19. Naso dem go fight you, but dem no go fit win you, becos I dey wit you to save you,” naso Baba-God tok.


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