Jeremiah Chapter 2

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Israel Don Fashi Baba-God

  1. But Baba-God word come meet me sey,
  2. “Go cry for di ears of Jerusalem sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “I remember as una bin take get soft-heart wen una be youth, as una bin take love me like wife, con follow me pass tru di desert, and tru land wey dem no fit plant anytin.
  3. Naso Israel holy for Baba-God eyes, and di firstfruit of hin harvest, Baba-God hold all di pipo wey rob her, and evil go fall on dem, naso Baba-God tok.’ ”
  4. Make una hear wetin Baba-God tok, oh house of Jacob, plus all di families of di house of Israel:
  5. Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis, ‘Which wrong tin una papa-papa-papa bin see inside me, wey dem don waka far from me, dem don follow useless idols, and dia life no con make-sense?
  6. And dem no gree ask sey, ‘Where di God wey carry us komot from inside Egypt, wey carry us pass di desert, pass land wey empty,  wey get pits, and land wey dry, land wey be di shadow of death, tru land wey no pesin don pass before, and area wey no pesin dey stay?”
  7. Naso I carry una enta kontri wey get yanfu-yanfu, to chop di fruit of di land and to chop-life for there, but wen una enta—una con spoil di land, and una turn my property to tufiakwa.
  8. Di priests no ask sey, “Where Baba-God?” And those pipo wey dey handle di law no gree know me: even di pastors sef dey do bad-bad-tins against me, and di prophets prophesy wit Baal, con dey follow tins wey dem no go gain anytin from.
  9. So I go still bring my case against una, con still put case for una pikin-pikin head,” naso Baba-God tok.
  10. “Make una cross go di island of Chittim, con look. Send pipo go Kedar, and make una observe tins well-well; see if anytin like dis don happun before:
  11. Abi nation dey change dia gods (even though dem no be gods at all)? But my pipo don change dia levels (glory) wit idols wey no make-sense.
  12. Make una surprise for dis tin, oh heavens, make una shake well-well, and make una shock,” naso Baba-God tok.
  13. Becos my pipo don do two evil tins. Dem don fashi me—di living water wey dey flow, and dem don make tank, tank wey don break and wey no fit contain water at all.

Di Result Of Israel Sin

14. Abi Israel na servant? Abi dem born am as slave? Why dem catch am, con obtain am?

15. Di young lion halla for am, and dem shout, con turn hin land to waste, dem burn hin cities sote no pesin fit live for there.

16. Di pikin of Noph plus Tahapanes don break di crown wey dey for una head.

17. No be una bring dis kain tin for una head, wen una fashi Baba-God wey be una Oga wen he carry una pass di way?

18. Wetin una go gain by going to Egypt, to drink di water of Sihor? Wetin una go gain by going to Assyria, to drink water from river Euphrates?

19. Na your own wickedness go correct you, and your backsliding nahin go correct you sef: make una know sey na evil tin and bitter tin sey una fashi Baba-God wey be una Oga, and sey una no dey fear me,” na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok.

20. “Tey-tey nahin I break di load wey dey oppress una, con cut una chains. But una still tok sey, ‘I no go serve you.’ Naso una behave like ashawo by bowing down to idols for everi high hill and under everi green tree.

21. But I plant una as beta tree (vine), con choose una as di best fruit from di bunch—di beta one. How una con take turn to dis wild fruit?

22. Even if una wash unasef wit plenty washing powder, con use plenty soap, I still dey see di stain of sin inside una,” naso Baba-God Almighty yarn!

Israel No Dey Faithful

23. “How you go con tok sey, ‘I no dirty, I neva follow Baal’? See your way for bottom-of-mountain, know wetin you don do. Una be like female camel wey no dey rest, and wey dey fyne man seriously.

24. Una be like wild donkey wey dey for desert, wey dey sniff di breeze [to fyne di scent of her partner] wen time reach for her to sex. Who fit stop your konji? Those pipo wey want her no need to fyne her, becos na she dey run follow dem—wen her time reach!

25. Stop to dey waka wit ordinary leg [stop to dey run follow idols]. And no let una throat dry becos una dey run follow oda gods. But una tok sey, ‘I no fit turn back. I love foreign gods, and I no fit stop to dey love dem now!’

26. Just as tiff take dey shame wen dem catch am, naso shame dey catch Israel; dem, dia kings, plus dia princes, dia priests, and dia prophets.

27. Dem dey tell image of wood sey, ‘Na you be my papa.’ And dem dey tell idol of stone sey, ‘Na you be my mama.’ Dem dey turn dia back face me, but wen yawa gas, dem go con dey tok sey, ‘Stand up, come save us!’

28. But where di gods wey una make? Make dem stand up if dem fit save una wen yawa gas: becos una get gods based-on di numbas of una cities, oh Judah.

29. Why una dey complain, con tok sey I do wrong tin? Na una be di ones wey disobey me,” naso Baba-God tok.

30. “I don kill una pikins in vain becos dem no gree follow correction. Una don use una own sword take kill prophets, like lion wey dey kill.

31. Oh generation, make una see Baba-God word. Abi I bin dey like desert to Israel? Land of darkness? So why my pipo con dey tok sey, ‘Las-las we don free from Baba-God! We no need am again!’

32. Abi fine girl fit forget her jewelries, abi woman wey wan marry fit forget her wedding cloth? But I no fit count how many days my pipo don forget [fashi] me.

33. “Una surely sabi how to fyne una lovers. Even ashawo wey get experience go learn from una!

34. Blood of poor innocent soul don stain una cloth, even though you no catch dem dey break enta una house! But upon all dis tins,

35. una tok sey, ‘Hin vex go turn komot from me becos I dey innocent.” See, I go judge una, con carry case put for una head, becos una tok sey, ‘I neva commit any sin.’

36. Upandan nahin una dey run from one padi to anoda dey ask for epp (una no dey stable, una dey always change una ways). But una new padi for Egypt go bring una down, just as Assyria bin do before.

37. But una go komot from dis place (as prisoners of war), wit una hand for una heads, becos Baba-God don fashi di nations wey una trust. Dem no go epp una at all.


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