Song of Songs

Song of Songs Chapter 4

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     Solomon Dey Praise Hin Love

  1. See as you fine my love, di cloth wey you take cover your face dey hide your eyes wey be like dove eyes, your hair be like group of sheep, wey show-face from mountain of Gilead.
  2. Your teeth be like sheep wey dem just komot di wool from dia body and wey dem just wash, all of dem match like twins (ejima), and no one of dem dey miss.
  3. Your lips be like red thread wey dem design, and your mouth sweet well-well, di cloth wey you take cover your face dey hide your fine cheeks wey be like pomegranates.
  4. Your neck be like di tall-house of David, wey dem build to keep weapon, where dem dey hang one thousand small shields, all of dem na shields of warriors.
  5. Your two breast be like two young fawns* wey be twins, wey dey chop for di lily flowers.
  6. Until di day break, and di shadows vanish, I go go di mountains of myrhh and di hills of incense.
  7. You fine finish my love, and you no get comma for body.
  8. Follow me from Lebanon, my wife, follow me from Lebanon! Look from on top of Amana, from on top of Shenir plus Hermon, from where di lions dey stay, from di mountains of di leopards.
  9. You don tiff my heart komot my sista, my wife; you don tiff my heart as you look me once, you tiff my heart wit one single bead of your necklace.
  10. Your love dey sweet me for body well-well my sista, di woman wey I wan marry. Your love dey shark me pass ogogoro, and di scent of your perfume beta pass everi kind of spices!
  11. Oh my wife, honey dey drop from your lips, honey and milk dey for under your tongue, and di scent of your cloth be like di scent of di cedar trees from Lebanon.
  12. My sista, di woman wey I wan marry—be like garden wey dem lock, and she be like water wey dey flow, wey dem no let oda pipo fetch.
  13. Your plants na garden of pomegranates, wit fine-fine fruits, henna wey dey scent wit spikenard,
  14. Spikenards plus saffron; calamus plus cinnamon, wit all tress of frankincense; myrrh plus aloes, wit all di finest spices.
  15. You be water wey dey flow for inside garden, and you be well wey e water get life, you be cool stream wey dey flow from Lebanon.

Di Woman

16. Oh north breeze, wake up; oh south breeze, come! Blow my garden, so dat di spices go flow out. Make my love enta inside hin garden, con chop hin finest fruits!”


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