Song of Songs

Song of Songs Chapter 5

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  1. I don enta my garden, my sista, my wife: I don gada my myrrh wit my spices; I don chop my honeycomb wit my honey; I don drink my wine wit my milk: chop, oh my padi; make you drink, drink well-well, oh my love.

Di Woman Dey Fyne Her Love

2. I bin dey sleep but my heart no gree sleep: na di voice of my love wey dey knock, wey tok sey, “Open for me my sista, my love, my dove, my pure girl: becos my head don full wit dew, and my dada don full wit di rain wey fall for night.

3. I don komot my cloth; how I go take wear am back? I don wash my legs, how I go con stain dem?

4. Naso my love put hin hand for di hole of di door, and my heart move for am.

5. I stand up to open for my love, my hand con dey drop wit perfume, and my fingers drop wit myrrh wey dey scent—as I hold di hand of di bolt.

6. I open for my love; but my my love don waka komot, and he don komot; my heart dey beat wen he dey yarn: I fyne am but I no see am; I call am but he no ansa me.

7. Di vigilante wey dey patrol for di city con see me, dem beat me, dem wound me; di men wey dey guard di wall carry di wrapper wey I take cover my face—from me.

8. I dey beg una, oh daughters of Jerusalem, if una see my love, make una tell am sey hin love don dey make me kolo.

Di Padi (Friends)

9. How your love take beta pass odas, oh you wey fine pass among women? How your love take beta pass odas wey you con dey make us swear like dis?

Di Woman Dey Praise Di Man

10. My love black and he dey shine, na special man among one thousand men.

11. Hin head na di finest gold, hin dada full well-well, con black like raven (one kain black bird).

12. Hin eyes be like doves eyes wey stand near water wey dey flow, wey dem wash wit milk, and wey dem set like jewels.

13. Hin cheeks be like garden of spices, hin hips be like lily flowers—wey dey drop sweet scent of myrrh perfume.

14. Hin hand be like gold rings wey dem set wit beryl: hin body dey shine like ivory wey dem cover wit sapphires.

15. Hin legs be like pillars wey dem make wit mables, wey dem set for solid-bottom wey dem make wit gold. Hin stature be like di mountains of Lebanon wit e fine tall cedars trees.

16. Hin mouth sweet well-well: yes, everitin about am fine well-well. Na dis be my love, and dis na my padi, oh daughters of Jerusalem.


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