Song of Songs

Song of Songs Chapter 6

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Di Padi (Friends)

  1. Where your love con waka go, oh di finest babe among women? Where your love waka pass, make we follow you go fyne am?

Di Woman

2. My love don go hin garden, to di beds of hin spices, where he go feed hin animals, con gada lily flowers.

3. I belong to my love, and my love belong to me. He dey feed hin sheep among lily flowers.

Di Man

4. You fine well-well, oh my love, like Tirzah, you fine like Jerusalem, you dey make me wonder like armies wey carry flags.

5. No look me again, becos your eyes don cover me, your hair be like plenty goats wey just show-face from Gilead.

6. Your teeth be like sheeps wey dem just baff, your smile pure well-well, everi one of dem get twins (ejima), and no one of dem wey no get e pikin.

7. Your cheeks be like pieces of pomegranates wey di cloth for your face dey cover.

8. Sixty queens plus eighty side-chick, and virgins babes wey dem no fit count.

9. But my dove, my pure babe na just one, na only she her mama born, her mama like her well-well. Di girls see her, and dem bless her, yes, di queen plus di side-chicks, and dem praise her.

Di Padi (Friends)

10. Who be she wey fine like di morning, wey fine like di moon, wey clear like sun, and wey dey make me wonder like armies wey carry flags?

Di Man

11. I con go di garden of nuts to see di fruits for bottom-of-di-mountain, and to see if di vine tree don dey grow, and if di pomegranate don dey grow.

12. Before I know wetin dey sup, naso my soul con dey make me feel like sey I dey inside di horse-moto of di palace.

       Di Padi

13. Come back, come back, oh Shulamite! Come back, so dat we go fit see you. Young man, why you dey look di Shulammite, like di dance of Mahanaim?


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