Song of Songs

Song of Songs Chapter 7

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Di Man Dey Praise Di Woman

  1. See as your legs fine wit sandals, oh daughter of prince. Di way your hips take curve be like jewelries, like di handwork of artist.
  2. Your navel be like round cup wey dey always brekete wit fine wine; your waist be like wheat wey dem gada wit lily flowers round am.
  3. Your two breast be like two small deer* wey be twins of gazelle.
  4. Your neck be like tall-house wey dem make wit ivory; your eyes be like di shinning fish-pond for Hebron, near di gates of Bathrabbim. Your nose be like di tall-house of Lebanon wey dey face Damascus.
  5. Your head be like crown for your body like mountain Carmel, and your hair for your head be like purple; di way your hair fine reach—fit hold king for work.
  6. See as you fine and see as you sweet, oh love, wit all your sweetness!
  7. Your body be like palm tree, and your breasts be like grapes wey gada for one branch.
  8. I con tok sey, “I go climb dis palm tree, I go hold di branch; now your breasts go be like vine fruits wey gada for one branch, and your nose dey smell like apples;
  9. Your kiss dey taste like di best wine—wey dey go down wit smoothness for my love , wey dey flow jeje to move di lips of pesin wey dey sleep.

Di Woman Promise Her Love

10. I belong to my love, and na me he dey tink about.

11. Come my love, make we komot go di field; make we go lodge for inside di villages.

12. Make we wake up for early mor-mor, con go di grape-farms; make we go see if di vine trees don dey grow, make we go see if di small grapes don show-face, and if di pomegranates don dey grow. Na for there I go give you all my love.

13. Na for there di mandrakes dey give dia scent, and di finest fruits go dey for awa doormot, both new and old, wey I don keep for you, my love.


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