Song of Songs

Song of Songs Chapter 8

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She Dey Fyne Her Love

  1. I wish sey you be like my broda, wey suck my mama breast! And wen I see you for outside, I go kiss you, yes, and no pesin go hate me.
  2. I go carry you go my mama house, wey dey teach me; I go make you wine wey get spices from di juice of my pomegranate.
  3. Hin left hand go dey for under my head, and hin right hand go hug me.
  4. Oh virgins of Jerusalem, make una promise me sey una no go wake up my love until he like.

Di Padi (Friends)

5. Who be dis wey dey waka come from di desert, wey dey rest on her love body?  


Na for under di apple tree I wake you [I wake you for my love]; Na there your mama born you; na for there she bring you out from her belle, and she born you.


6. Put me like seal for your heart, like seal for your hand, becos love strong like death; jealousy hard like grave. Love dey flash like faya—like faya wey dey shine well-well.

7. Many water no fit quench love, and plenty-water no fit carry am go. If pesin give all di beta-beta-tins for inside hin house—for love, dem go laff di pesin.

Di Padi (Friends)

8. We get one small sista, wey neva get breast, so wetin we go do for awa sista, if pesin tok sey he wan marry her?

9. If she be wall (virgin), we go guard her wit tall-house of silver, but if she be door (woman wey dey waka upandan), we go close her wit cedar woods.

Di Woman

10. I be wall (virgin), and my breast be like tall-houses, I con be like pesin wey dey bring peace for hin eyes.

11. Solomon  get one grape-farm for Baalhamon, he rent di grape-farm to farmers, everi one of dem suppose bring 1,000 pieces of silver from hin harvest of di fruits.

12. My grape-farm wey belong to me, dey for my front; oh Solomon di 1000 pieces of silver belong to you, and 200 pieces of silver to those wey dey take care of di fruit.


13. You wey dey stay for gardens, wit padi wey dey listen to your voice, make I hear your voice sef.

14. Do fast-fast make we move, my love, like gazelle or small stag* for di mountains of spices!”


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