Jeremiah Chapter 10

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Baba-God Na Oga Kpatakpata

  1. Hear di word wey Baba-God dey yarn una, chai, house of Israel:
  2. Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis, “No copy di ways of di nations, wey dey try to read dia future wit stars. No fear di prediction, even though di nations dey fear dem.
  3. Becos di tradition of di pipo no make-sense; dem go cut tree from forest, and artist go shape am wit axe.
  4. Dem use silver plus gold take design am; dem nack am togeda wit hammer plus nails so dat e no go fall.
  5. Dem stand straight like palm tree, but dem no fit tok, and pesin need to carry dem—becos dem no fit waka. No dey fear all those kain gods, becos dem no fit wound you or do any beta tin for you.”
  6. No pesin fit be like you oh Baba-God, you be ogbonge, and your name get big pawa.
  7. Who no go fear you, oh king of nations? Na you get dis levels. Among all di wise men for all di nations and all di kingdoms, no pesin fit be like you.
  8. But all of dem no get sense and dem be mumu pipo; na yeye idol wey dem make wit wood nahin dey teach dem.
  9. Dem bring plates of silver wey dem don hammer—from Tarshish, and gold from Upahaz. And dem go give am to goldsmith to make idols. Naso dem go dress am wit blue plus purple cloth wey correct tailor design. Dem be works of men wey sabi.
  10. But na Baba-God be di true God; nahin be di living God, di King wey dey forever. Di earth dey shake wen he dey vex; di nations no fit endure wen he dey para.
  11. Tell dem dis tin, “Dis gods wey no make di heavens plus di earth—go kpeme from di earth and from under di heavens.’ ”
  12. But na Baba-God make di earth wit hin pawa. Na hin wisdom he take build di world, and he use hin understanding take stretch out di heavens.
  13. Wen he shout like thunder, di water for di heavens go halla wit rain, he dey make clouds rise from di ends of di earth. He dey send lightning wit di rain, and he dey bring out strong-breeze from where he keep dem.
  14. Everi pesin no-get-sense, and dem no sabi anytin (dem be olodo)! Shame dey catch everi goldsmith becos of di idols; di image wey dem carve na scam—all dis idols no fit breath.
  15. Dem be useless tins, dem be error! Dem go kpeme wen dia judgement show.
  16. But Baba-God of Israel no be like dis idols. Na him make everitin, and he don choose Israel to be hin own pipo. Hin name na Baba-God Almighty.

Di Scata-scata Wey Dey Come

17. Make una gada una properties to komot from di land, una wey dey stay for where enemies don surround!

18. Becos na wetin Baba-God tok be dis; “Sharp-sharp, I go push out di pipo wey dey stay for di land; I go make kasala burst on dem, so dat dem go know.”

19. “Wahala for me becos of my wound! My wound serious well-well!” But I still tell mysef sey, “Dis na my sickness and I must endure am.”

20. My house (tents) don scata, all my ropes don cut, all my pikin don komot from me and I no go ever see dem again; no pesin dey to epp me build my house, or set up place wey I fit stay.

21. Di leaders don turn to mumu. Dem no dey fyne Baba-God wisdom again; nahin make dem fail, and now awa pipo don scata.

22. Listen! Tori don land! And serious kitikiti [of big army] dey come from di north. Dem go empty di cities of Judah, con turn am to joint for wild animals.

Jeremiah Prayer

23. Oh Baba-God, I know sey no be man get hin own way; no be man dey direct hin own steps.

24. Correct me, oh Baba-God, but only wit justice—no be wit vex, or you go turn me to notin.

25. Pour your vex on di nations wey no wan gree accept you, pour am on di pipo wey no dey gree call your name, becos dem don chop Jacob. Dem don kill your pipo; dem don scata us kpatakpata, and awa kontri don turn to scata-scata.


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