Jeremiah Chapter 11

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Agreement Wey Dem Break

  1. Dis na di words wey come meet Jeremiah from Baba-God,
  2. “Hear di words of di agreement, and tok to di men of Judah, plus di pipo of Jerusalem (remind dem);
  3. Tell dem sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God of Israel tok, ‘Make curse dey for di head of di pesin wey no gree obey di words of di agreement,
  4. wey I give una ancestors for di days wen I carry dem komot from di land of Egypt, from di faya of iron: Obey my voice, con do di words, based-on everitin wey I tell una to do, naso una go take be my pipo, and I go be una God.
  5. So dat I fit do di promise wey I swear to una papa-papa-papa, to give dem land wey dey flow wit milk plus honey, as e be so today.’ ” So I ansa, con tok sey, “Naso e go be oh Baba-God.”
  6. Baba-God con tell me sey, “Yarn all dis word for inside di cities of Judah plus di streets of Jerusalem, sey, ‘Make una hear di words of dis agreement and make una do dem.
  7. I seriously warn una papa-pap-papa from di time wey I carry dem komot from di land of Egypt. I don repeat dis warning everi morning, even till today—sey; “Make una obey my voice!”
  8. But dem no gree listen, or put dia mind for wetin I dey yarn, instead, dem follow di tinking of dia evil hearts. So, I carry all dis curses put for dia head—curses wey dey inside dis agreement wey I tell dem to do, but dem no gree do.’ ”
  9. So Baba-God tell me sey, “Di pipo of Judah plus Jerusalem dey plan against me.
  10. Dem don turn back to di bad-bad-tins wey dia papa-pap-papa bin dey do, wey no gree hear my words. Dem don follow oda gods, to serve dem. Both di house of Israel plus di house of Judah don break di agreement wey I make wit dia papa-papa-papa.
  11. So na wetin Baba-God tok be dis: ‘I go make kasala [wahala] burst on dem—wey dem no go fit escape; and even though dem cry out to me, I no go hear dem.
  12. Naso di cities of Judah plus di pipo of Jerusalem go go cry to dia gods wey dem dey burn incense for, but dia gods no go fit epp dem at all—wen yawa gas.
  13. Oh Judah, una get plenty gods wey plenty like una cities, and di altars wey una don build for dat mumu god of Baal, to burn incense—plenty like di streets for Jerusalem.
  14. Jeremiah, no pray for dis pipo again, or beg for dem, becos I no go hear dem wen dey call me—wen yawa don gas.
  15. Wetin di pipo wey I love dey do for my house, wen dem don do plenty corrupt tins? Abi una promises to me and di flesh of sacrifices fit komot una punishment—so dat una go fit celebrate?
  16. Baba-God bin call your name, ‘Green Olive Tree, wey fine Wit Beta Fruit.’ But he don use di shout of serious katakata take burn dem wit faya, and di branches don break.
  17. Baba-God Almighty wey plant una don sign dis kasala for una, becos di house of Israel plus di house of Judah don do evil tin, and dem don make me vex as dem burn incense to Baal.”

Di Plant Against Jeremiah

18. Baba-God don show me dia plan, and I know am, becos Baba-God show me wetin dem dey do.

19. I bin dey like ordinary lamb wey dem dey carry go kill; I know bin sabi sey dem don plan against me sey, “Make we scata di tree and e fruit, make we cut am komot from di land of di living, so dat pipo go forget hin name forever.”

20. But, oh Baba-God Almighty, you wey dey judge wit clean-heart, and you dey test pipo heart and mind. I don put my way for your hand, so make I see as you go take revenge on dem.

21. So dis na wetin Baba-God tok about di men of Anathoth wey wan kill you, and wey dey tok sey, “We go kill you if you no stop to dey prophesy wit Baba-God name.”

22. So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, “See, I go punish dem, na sword go kill dia young men, and na hungry go kill dia sons plus daughters.

23. No single one of dem go remain, becos I go make kasala burst for di men of Anathoth—for di year of dia punishment (wen dia cup don full).’ ”


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