Jeremiah Chapter 12

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As Wicked Pipo Dey Prosper

  1. Oh Baba-God, you always give me justice, wen I dey pray to you, but I go tok to you about your justice; but make I follow you yarn about your judgements. Why e be sey wicked pipo dey prosper for dia ways? Why e be sey unfaithful pipo dey live happy life?
  2. You don plant dem and dia root don grow; dem dey grow and dem dey produce fruit. Dem dey always tok beta tins about Baba-God, but you far well-well from dia hearts.
  3. Oh Baba-God, but you sabi me, you don see me, and you know how I take dey faithful to you—even for my heart. Drag dem komot like sheep wey dem wan go kill! Separate dem for di day of killing!
  4. How long di land go dey cry, and di grass for everi land don dry finish, becos di pipo wey dey stay for di land na evil and fake-pipo? Di animals plus birds don kpeme; becos di pipo dey tok sey, “Baba-God no sabi wetin go happun to us las-las!”

Baba-God Ansa Jeremiah

5. “If you don follow men run wit leg and dem make you taya, how you go con fit run wit horses? If dem don make you faint for land wey get peace and where you dey secured, how you go con do near River Jordan wen e water don overflow?

6. Your brodas, your own family—even dem don betray you; dem don raise loud cry against you. No trust dem even though dem dey yarn beta tins about you.”

7. (Baba-God tok sey) “I go fashi my house, I don leave my properties; I don give di pipo wey I love well-well—to di hands of her enemies.

8. Di pipo wey I choose don shout for me like lion for inside forest—dem dey cry against me, so I con hate dem.

9. My pipo be like vulture wey get spots, all di oda birds wey dey round her dey against her. Come, gada all di wild animals for di land, carry dem come to chop her.

10. Many pastors don chop my grape-farm, con march my fruits under dia leg; dem con turn my good land to empty waste land.

11. Dem go turn my land to waste land, dry and empty for my face, di whole land go turn to waste, and no body care.

12. Army wey dey scata tins go march from all di high areas of di desert, Baba-God sword go kill from di end of di land—to di oda end of di land: no pesin go dey safe.

13. Dem go plant wheat but dem go harvest shuuku-shhuku; dem go hustle taya but dem no go gain anytin, and shame go catch dem for dia harvest, becos Baba-God dey para for dem seriously.”

Message For Israel Neighbours

14. Na wetin Baba-God tok against all my evil neighbours, wey don touch di properties wey I don make my pipo Israel to get. See I go pluck dem komot from dia land, con pluck out di house of Judah from among dem.

15. And e go happun sey afta I don pluck dem komot, I go come back, con sorry-for dem, and I go bring everi man to hin property again, and everi pesin to hin land.

16. And e go happun sey, if dem seriously learn di ways of my pipo, to swear by my name—di living God; even as dem bin teach my pipo to swear wit di name of Baal; na dat time dem go stand gidigbam among my pipo.

17. But if dem no go obey, I go pluck dem kpatakpata, con scata dat nation,” naso Baba-God tok.


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