Jeremiah Chapter 13

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Di Linen Belt

  1. Dis na wetin Baba-God tell me, “Go buy linen belt, con tie am round your waist, but no let water touch am.”
  2. So I go buy belt as Baba-God direct me, con wear am round my waist.
  3. Naso Baba-God word come meet me di second time, con tok sey,
  4. “Carry di belt wey you buy and wey you tie round your waist, stand up, con go River Euphrates, con hide am for there—for one hole wey dey for rock.”
  5. So I go, con hide am near River Euphrates, just as Baba-God bin tell me.
  6. E con happun sey, afta many days, Baba-God con tell me sey, “Stand up, go River Euphrates, to carry di belt wey I tok sey make you hide for there.”
  7. Naso I go River Euphrates, con dig di belt, con carry am from di place wey I hide am put, but now e don spoil and e don useless kpatakpata.
  8. Naso Baba-God word come meet me,
  9. “Dis na wetin Baba-God yarn: Naso I go take spoil di levels of Judah, and di high levels of Jerusalem.
  10. Dis wicked pipo wey no gree listen to my voice, pipo wey dey follow dia own evil tinking, con dey worship oda gods, and dey serve dem—naso dem go be like dis belt wey don spoil.
  11. Becos as belt take dey tie round man waist, naso I take tie di house of Israel plus di whole house of Judah join body—to be my pipo for my levels, for my praise, and for my respect; but dem no gree hear word—naso Baba-God tok”

Di Bottles of Wine

12. “Tell dem sey—na wetin Baba-God, di God of Israel tok, ‘Everi bottle go full wit wine.’ And if dem tell you sey, ‘Before-nnkor, abi we no know sey everi bottle suppose full wit wine?’

13. Den tell dem sey—na wetin Baba-God tok, ‘I go full everi pesin wey dey stay for di land wit highness, plus di kings wey dey sidon for David king-chair, di priests, di prophets, plus all di pipo wey dey stay for Jerusalem.

14. I go nack dem togeda, even papa plus pikin—naso Baba-God tok, I no go sorry-for dem, or stop, or pity for dem, but I go scata dem

Jeremiah Warn Dem Sey Enemies Go Catch Dem

15. Make una hear and make una listen. No dey feel-big, becos Baba-God don yarn.

16. Give levels to Baba-God wey be your Oga, before he cos darkness, and before una leg fall for di dark mountains, and as una dey fyne light, he go turn am to dark shadows of death, and he go turn am to black darkness.

17. But if una no go hear am, my soul go cry for una for secret places becos of as una dey feel-big. And my eyes go cry till dem wound, and tears go flow, becos enemies don carry Baba-God pipo as prisoners.

18. Tell di king and di queen sey, ‘Make una humble una sef, sidon, becos una plenty pawa go end—even di crown of una levels.

19. Di cities of di south go shut up, and no pesin go open dem. Enemies go catch all di pipo of Judah. All of dem. Dem go carry everitin komot as prisoners of war.

20. Carry your eyes go up make you see di enemies wey dey come from di north; where di pipo (sheep) wey Baba-God give you to take care of, your fine pipo (sheep)?

21. Wetin you (Jerusalem) go tok, wen Baba-God make di nations rule una—nations wey don be una padi, wey una don train. Abi una no go feel pain like woman wey wan born pikin?

22. And if you tok for your heart sey, ‘Why dis kain tin con happun to me?’ Becos of una plenty sins nahin make enemies tear una skirt, con rape una.

23. Abi black man [Ethiopian] fit change hin skin? Abi leopard fit change her spots? Naso e be for pipo like una wey like to do evil well-well, e hard for una to do good.

24. “So I go scata una like chaff wey desert breeze dey blow komot.

25. Na dis be una portion. Na wetin I go give una be dat,” naso Baba-God tok, “Becos una don forget me, con dey trust fake gods.

26. So I go komot una skirts, I go use am take cover una face, so dat shame go catch una

27. I don see una dey cheat on me (worship idols), as una dey cry wit konji follow una ashawo way, and as una dey worship mumu idols for di open fields and on top of mountains! Wahala for una Jerusalem, how long una go dey corrupt unasef?


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