Jeremiah Chapter 14

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              No-water, Hunger, Disease, plus Sword

  1. Na dis be Baba-God word to Jeremiah about di shortage of rain:
  2. “Judah dey cry, her cities dey suffer. All di pipo sidon for ground dey cry, and serious cry dey raise up from Jerusalem.
  3. Di big-men dey send dia servants go fetch water; dem go di wells, but dem no see any water. Dem come back wit dia empty container; so dem cover dia heads—wit no hope and wit fear.
  4. Di land don crack becos rain no gree fall for di land; di farmers dey worry and dem cover dia heads.
  5. Even animal for di field fashi her small-pikin becos grass no dey.
  6. Wild donkeys stand for mountain, and dem dey breath-fast-fast like jakals; dem no fit see well again, becos grass no dey again.”
  7. (My pipo dey cry to me) ‘Even though awa sins dey tok against us, Oh Chineke, but epp us becos of your name. We don backslide well-well, we don do bad-bad-tins against you.
  8. Oh di Hope of Israel, di Saviour wen kasala burst, why you con be like stranger for di land, like traveler wey just dey pass tru di land, and wey go only stay for night?
  9. Why you con be like man wey don confuse, like warrior wey no get pawa to save? You dey among us, oh Baba-God, dem know you as awa God; abeg no fashi us!’ ”
  10. Dis na wetin Baba-God tok about dis pipo: “Dem like to waka-waka, dem no dey hold dia leg. So Baba-God no accept dem; he go remember dia wickedness now, con punish dem for dia sins.”
  11. Baba-God con tell me sey, “No pray sey make e beta for dis pipo.
  12. Even though dem dey fast, I no go listen to dia cry; even though dem dey give burnt offering plus sacrifices, I no go accept dem. Instead, I go scata dem wit sword, hunger plus disease.”
  13. But I con tok sey, “Ah, Baba-God my Oga, di prophets dey always dey tell dem sey, ‘Una no go see sword, or suffer wit no food. True-true, I go give una peace wey go last for dis place.’ ”
  14. Naso Baba-God con tell me sey, “Di prophets dey prophesy lies wit my name. I neva send dem or choose dem, or follow dem tok. Dem dey prophesy lie-lie visions, and dem dey rub-mind wit spirits wey no fit epp dem. Dem dey prophesy from dia useless heart wey dey whyne dem.”
  15. So dis na wetin Baba-God tok about di prophets wey dey prophesy wit my name, even though no be me send dem, but dem dey tok sey, ‘War plus hunger no go touch dis land.’ Those same prophets go die by sword plus hunger.
  16. And dem go throway di pipo wey dem dey prophesy to—enta inside di streets of Jerusalem becos of di hunger and war. No pesin go dey to bury dem or dia wives, dia sons, plus dia daughters—becos I go pour dia wickedness on dem.
  17. Jeremiah, tell dem dis words: “Make my eyes overflow wit tears, for night and for day and e no go stop; becos of my virgin daughter—my pipo, dem don fall down wit serious wound, dem don nack dem wit serious blow.
  18. If I go di fields, I go see those pipo wey dem kill wit sword; if I enta di city, I go see pipo wey dey sick becos of hunger. Both prophets plus priest dey run go land wey dem no know before.’ ”

Di pipo Dey Beg Baba-God For Mercy

19. Abi you don fashi Judah kpatakpata? Abi you hate Zion? Why you don suffer us sote we no fit heal? We hope for peace, but no beta tin don show-face. We hope for time wey we go heal, but na only wahala we dey see.

20. Oh Baba-God, we accept sey we don do bad-bad-tins, and di bad-bad-tins wey awa papa-papa-papa do; we don true-true sin against you.

21. No hate us, sake of your name, no disgrace your king-chair wey get levels. Remember your agreement wit us and no break am.

22. Abi any of di idols of di nations fit bring rain? Abi di sky dey bring rain by esef? No, na you, oh Baba-God awa Oga. So awa hope dey inside you, becos na you dey do all dis tins.


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