Jeremiah Chapter 15

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Judgement Go Kontinu

  1. Naso Baba-God tell me sey: “Even if Moses plus Samuel stand for my front to beg me, I no go sorry-for dis pipo. Pursue dem komot from my front! Make dem dey go!
  2. And if dem ask you sey, ‘Where we go con go?’ Tell dem sey, ‘Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis: Those pipo wey go kpeme—go kpeme. Those pipo wey sword go kill—na sword go kill dem. Those pipo wey hungry go kill—na hungry go kill dem. Those pipo wey enemies go catch—na enemies go catch dem as prisoners.
  3. I go send four different kind of scata-scata against dem: Di sword wey go kill dem, and di dogs wey go drag dem komot, plus di birds wey dey fly for air, plus di wild animals of di earth wey go chop dem sharply, con scata dem.
  4. I go carry dem put inside wahala, for inside all di kingdoms of di earth, becos of Manasseh wey be di son of Hezekiah, king of Judah—and wetin he do for Jerusalem.
  5. Who go sorry-for una, oh Jerusalem? Who go cry for una? Who go stop, con ask how una dey?
  6. Una don reject me,” naso Baba-God tok, “Una always dey turn go back, so my hand go touch una, con scata una; I don taya to dey sorry-for una.
  7. I go blow dem komot like grass for di gates of di land. I go kill dia pikin. I go scata my pipo, since dem no gree turn komot from dia evil ways.
  8. I go make dia widows plenty like sand-sand for big-river. For afta-noon, I go send scata-scata come meet di mama of dia young men. Before you know, I go make kasala burst, con give dem pain.
  9. Di mama of seven pikin go dey faint, con breath her last breath. Her sun go go down even for afta-noon; shame dey catch her and she don taya for life. Di pipo wey survive go face di sword of dia enemies,” naso Baba-God tok.

Jeremiah Complain To Baba-God

10. Wahala for me! Chai my mama! Why my mama bring me come dis world? I always get wahala wit everi pesin for di land. I no dey owe any pesin moni, and no pesin dey owe me moni; but everi pesin dey curse me.

11. Baba-God con tell me sey, “Surely e go beta for una remaining pipo, and your enemies go beg you for epp wen wahala come and wen kasala burst.

12. No pesin fit break iron, especially iron from di north wey dem mix wit bronze.

13. I go give una beta-beta-tin plus una properties to oda pipo wey go use gragra collect dem—and dem no go pay, becos of all di bad-bad-tins wey una dey do for everi where for una kontri.

14. I go give una as slave to una enemies for land wey una no know, becos faya wey go burn una dey spark from my vex.”

15. I con tok sey, “Oh Baba-God, you understand; remember me and make you epp me. Revenge on di pipo wey dey show me pepper. No pursue me komot as you dey endure my sins; na for your sake I dey suffer so.

16. Wen I see your words, I chop dem; na dem dey make me happy, and na dem dey make my heart sweet me, becos I dey ansa your name [becos I belong to you], oh Baba-God Almighty.

17. I neva sidon wit pipo wey dey tok anyhow, I neva flex wit dem before; I sidon alone becos your hand dey for my body, and you don make my heart bitter.

Baba-God Promise

18. Why my pain no dey finish, why my wound serious well-well, and e no wan gree heal? Why your epp no dey sure—like river wey dey dry for hot season, like stream wey don dry?”

19. So Baba-God ansa Jeremiah: “If you repent (if you stop to dey show pity and stop to dey behave like pesin wey no get hope), I go give you peace again, so dat you go serve me; if you go fit separate beta tins from mumu tins (tok beta words and stop to dey tok mumu words like sey you get two-mind), you go be my tok-pesin. Make dis pipo turn to you, but you must no follow dia ways.

20. I go make you be like wall wey dem make wit bronze. Dem go fight you, but dem no go fit win you, becos I dey wit you to save you. Me, Baba-God don yarn!

21. I go save you from di hands of evil pipo, con save you from di hand of wicked pipo.”


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