Jeremiah Chapter 17

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Di Sin Plus Punishment of Judah

  1. “Dem write Judah sin wit iron biro, dem write am wit sharp diamond for di wall of dia heart, and dem carve am for di horns of dia altars;
  2. and even dia pikins still dey worship for di altars and di images of Asherah  wey dey near everi green tree and on top of everi mountain.
  3. And for di mountains for di field, I go let una enemies carry una beta-beta-tins komot, plus una idol shrine, becos of di sins for everi where for una kontri.
  4. Una go lose di land wey I give una. I go give una as slaves to una enemies, for land wey una no know before, becos una don make me vex like faya, and di faya go burn forever.”
  5. Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “Curse dey on di pesin wey dey trust man, wey dey depend on human being for hin pawa, and wey hin heart dey turn komot from Baba-God.
  6. He go be like small bush for inside desert wey no get hope. He go stay for di dry land of di desert, for land of salt where notin dey grow, and where no pesin dey stay.
  7. Blessings for di man wey trust Baba-God, and wey dey hope on Baba-God.
  8. He go be like tree wey dem plant near water, wey dey spread e root near di river. E no dey fear wen heat show; e leaves always dey green, e no dey worry for di year wey rain no gree fall, and e no dey stop to produce fruit.”
  9. E no get anytin wey dey do mago-mago pass human being heart, and e wicked well-well. Who fit understand am?
  10. Na me—Baba-God dey check di heart of human being, and I dey test di mind, to pay man based-on hin ways, and I go pay am based-on everitin wey he don do.”
  11. Di pesin wey get moni wit mago-mago, be like partridge (bird) wey dey sidon for egg wey e no gree hatch. He go lose hin moni for di middle of hin life, and las-las e go be like mumu.
  12. Baba-God house be like King-chair wey get levels, wey dey stand for high mountain from di starting.
  13. Oh Baba-God, di hope of Israel, shame go catch all di pipo wey fashi you. Dem go bury dem for di dust of di earth, becos dem fashi you wey be di Oga, di fresh water wey dey flow from ground.

Jeremiah Pray For Healing

14. Heal me, oh Baba-God, and I go heal; save me and I go save—becos na you I dey praise.

15. Dem dey always tell me sey, “Where Baba-God word dey? Make e happun now!”

16. As for me, I neva stop to be pastor wey dey follow you; you know sey I no wish for bad days (days of judgement). You don hear everitin wey I tok, I tok dem for your front.

17. No turn to gbege for me; na you be my hope for di day of wahala.

18. Make shame catch di pipo wey dey show me pepper, but no let shame catch me. Make kasala burst for dem, but make kasala no burst for me. Carry days of yawa meet dem, scata dem double. 

Una Must Keep Di Sabbath Holy

19. Na wetin Baba-God tell me be dis: “Go stand for di gate of di pipo, where di kings of Judah dey pass go inside and outside, stand sef for all di oda gates of Jerusalem.

20. Tell dem sey, ‘Hear Baba-God word, oh kings of Judah plus all di pipo of Judah, and everi pesin wey dey stay for Jerusalem, wey dey pass tru all dis gates.

21. Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis: Dey careful make you no carry any load for Sabbath day, or carry am pass di gates of Jerusalem.

22. No carry any load komot from your house, or do any work on Sabbath day, but keep di Sabbath day holy, as I bin tell una papa-papa-papa.

23. But dem no gree listen, or hear wetin I tok, dem get strong neck and dem no gree listen or follow my correction.

24. But e go happun sey, if una cool down con obey me, and una no carry any load pass tru di gates of dis city on Sabbath day, but una keep di Sabbath day holy and una no do any work,

25. Den di kings wey sidon for David king-chair go pass tru di gates of dis city wit dia officials. Dem plus dia officials go dey ride horse-moto plus horse, and di men of Judah go escort dem wit di pipo Jerusalem, and una go stay for dis city forever.

26. Pipo go come from di cities of Judah and di villages wey dey around Jerusalem, from di area of Benjamin and from di lowlands, from di mountains and from di south, dey bring burnt offerings plus sacrifices, food offerings plus incense, and dem go dey carry sacrifices to praise Baba-God for hin house.

27. But if una no gree obey me—to keep di Sabbath day holy, and una no stop to carry any load pass tru di gates of Jerusalem for di Sabbath day, den I go put faya for di gates, e go burn di palaces of Jerusalem, and e no go quench.”


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