Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Jeremiah Chapter 20

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       Pashhur Show Jeremiah Pepper

  1. Wen di priest, Pashhur wey be di son of Immer, di chief officer for inside di Baba-God house—hear sey Jeremiah dey prophesy dis tins,
  2. He beat Jeremiah con chain me near di Benjamin gate wey dey di up side of Baba-God house.
  3. Di next day, wen Pashhur release am from di chains, Jeremiah con tell am sey, “Baba-God no name you Pashhur. Di name wey he don give you na ‘Gbege for everi where’ (Magor-missabib).
  4. Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis: ‘I go make you be like kasala for yoursef and for all your padi, and you go see as di enemies sword go kill dem. I go put all di pipo of Judah for di hand of di king of Babylon, and he go kill dem wit sword.
  5. I go give dia enemies all di riches of dis city—everitin wey dem produce, all di beta-beta-tins, and all di fine-fine tins wey di king of Judah get. Dem go obtain am, con carry am komot go Babylon.
  6. And you Pashhur, plus everi pesin wey dey stay for your house go go Babylon as prisoners. Na for there you go die and dem go bury you for there, you plus all your padi wey you don prophesy lies.’ ”

Jeremiah Complain

7. Oh Baba-God, you deceive me, and I turn to maga; you strong pass me, and you over-pawa me. Dem dey laff me from morning till night, everi pesin dey yab me.

8. Any time I tok, I dey cry out to tok about fight-fight and scata-scata. So Baba-God word don bring insult to me plus shame—from morning till night.

9. But if I tok sey, ‘I no go call am or tok about hin name,’ but hin word dey for inside my heart like faya, like faya wey dey inside my bones. And I don taya as e dey burn me inside, I no fit hold-body.

10. I dey hear plenty tok-tok about me, dem dey call me “Di man wey dey live wit gbege.” Dem dey threaten sey, “We go report you if you tok anytin.”  Even my close padi dey wait for me to fall. Dem tok sey, “Maybe he go fall for trap, and we go over pawa am, con revenge on am.”

11. But Baba-God dey wit me like great fighter; so di pipo wey dey show me pepper go fall, and dem no go succeed. Dem go fail, and disgrace go catch dem well-well, becos e no go beta for dem; dem no go forget dia shame forever.

12. Oh Baba-God Almighty, you wey dey reason di pipo wey get clean-heart, and you dey check di heart plus mind, make I see as you wan take revenge on dem, becos na you I don carry my mata give.

13. Sing to Baba-God! Give praises to Baba-God! He dey save di life of di pipo wey need epp—from wicked pipo hands.

14. I curse di day wen dem born me! Make di day wen my mama born me no get blessings!

15. Make curse dey on di man wey carry di news go meet my papa, wey make am happy well-well, sey, “Your woman don born pikin—baby boy!”

16. Make dat man be like di cities wey Baba-God overthrow wit no pity. Make he hear cry-cry for morning, and sound of fight for afta-noon.

17. He no kill me wen I dey for my mama belle, so dat my mama belle for be my grave.

18. Why e con be sey I ever komot from my mama belle, to see wahala plus kasala, and to end my days wit shame?


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