Jeremiah Chapter 21

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Jerusalem Go Fall For Babylon

  1. Di word come meet Jeremiah from Baba-God, wen Zedekiah send Pashhur wey be di son of Malkijah go meet am, wit Zephaniah wey be di son of Maaseiah, di priest. Dem tell am sey:
  2. “Ask Baba-God now for us, becos Nebuchadnezzar wey be di king of Babylon dey attack us. Maybe Baba-God fit perform wonders for us as he don do before, con make king Nebuchadnezzar go back.”
  3. But Jeremiah ansa dem, “Tell Zedekiah sey,
  4. Dis na wetin di Oga, di God of Israel tok: I go make di weapons wey dey for una hands useless, against di king of Babylon and di pipo of Babylon wey surround una for outside di wall. Evensef, I go carry dem enta di city.
  5. Me mysef go fight against una wit my hand wey stretch out, and my ogbonge hand, wit serious vex and para.
  6. I go nack down those pipo wey dey stay for di city—both men plus animals, and dem go die from serious disease.’
  7. Baba-God con tok sey, ‘Afta dat, I go carry king Zedekiah wey be di king of Judah, hin officials, plus hin pipo wey dey for di city wey survive di disease, sword plus hungry—put for di hands of  Nebuchadnezzar wey be di king of Babylon, and to dia enemies wey dey fyne dia lives. He go kill dem wit sword; he no go sorry-for dem, and he no go pity for dem, or show dem love.’
  8. “Tell di pipo sef, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: See, I dey set di way of life, and death for una.
  9. Any pesin wey stay for dis city—go die by sword, hungry, and disease. But any pesin wey komot, con surrender to di pipo of  Babylon wey surround una—di pesin go live; he go escape wit hin life from hin enemies hand.
  10. I don zero my mind sey I go do bad tin to dis city and no be beta tin—naso Baba-God tok. Di city go fall for di hands of di king of Babylon, and he go scata am wit faya.’

Message To Di House Of David

11. Still tell di house of Judah sey, ‘Hear Baba-God word;

12. Oh house of David, na wetin Baba-God tok be dis: Give justice to di pipo wey una dey judge everi morning. Epp those pipo wey dem don rob; save dem from di pipo wey dey oppress dem. Unless I go vex like faya wey no dey off—becos of all una sins.

13. See, I dey against you Jerusalem, una wey dey stay for strong-house—di pipo wey dey make mouth sey, “No pesin fit touch us for here. No pesin fit break enta here.”

14. I go punish una based-on wetin una don do—naso Baba-God tok. I go set faya for inside una forest, wey go burn everitin wey dey around una.’ ”


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