Jeremiah Chapter 22

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Warning Against Di Kings of Judah

  1. Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis: “Go di palace of di kings of Judah, con tell dem dis message for there:
  2. ‘Hear Baba-God word, oh king of Judah, you wey dey sidon for David king-chair—you, your servants, plus your pipo wey dey pass tru di gates.
  3. Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis: Do wetin dey fair and do di right tins. Save pesin wey dem don rob from di hands of di pesin wey dey oppress am. Komot hand from evil, and no do any wrong tin to foreigners or fight wit dem, or fight wit pipo wey no get papa or widow, and make una no shed innocent blood for dis place.
  4. If una dey careful to do wetin I tell una, den di kings wey sidon for David king-chair go pass tru di gates of dis palace, dem go ride dia horse-moto and dia horse, and dia pipo plus dia servants go escort dem.
  5. But if una no obey wetin I tok, I swear wit mysef sey dis place go scata kpatakpata, ’ ” naso Baba-God tok.

Warning About Di Palace

6. Becos dis na wetin Baba-God tok about di palace of di king of Judah, “Even though I love una like Gilead plus di green fine mountains of Lebanon, I go surely make una be like desert, like towns wey no pesin dey stay.

7. I go send pipo wey go scata una to come meet una, everi man go carry hin weapon to scata una. Dem go tear all una fine cedar pillars komot, con burn dem wit faya.

8. Pipo from many nations go pass near dis city, con dey ask demsef sey, ‘Why Baba-God do dis kain tin to dis great city?’

9. And di pipo go ansa: ‘Na becos dem fashi di agreement of Baba-God wey be dia Oga, and dem worship oda gods, con dey serve dem.’ ”

Warning About Jehoahaz

10. No cry for di dead king, or feel sad for am; instead, cry well-well for di pipo wey dem carry komot, becos dem no go come back again, or see dia kontri again.

11. Dis na wetin Baba-God tok about Shallum wey be di son of Josiah wey kontinu from where hin papa stop as king of Judah—but wey don komot from dis place: “He no go come back again.

12. He go die for di place wey dia enemies carry am as prisoner, he no go see dis land again.”

Warning About Jehoiakim

13. Wahala for di pesin (Jehoiakim), wey build hin house wit evil ways, and wey build hin caban wit wuru-wuru, wey make hin neighbour work for notin, and wey no gree pay dem for dia work.

14. He dey tok sey, ‘I go build beta palace for mysef, wit enuff space for di rooms.’ So he make big windows, con panel am wit cedar, con paint am red.

15. “Abi na dat one nahin make you be king—to get more and more cedar? Abi your papa no get food plus drinks? Abi he no do wetin dey right and justice, nahin make everitin beta for am?

16. He defend di business of poor pipo and pipo wey need epp, so everitin beta for am. Abi no be wetin e mean to know me be dat?”—naso Baba-God dey ask.

17. “But your eyes and your heart na only for ogboju and longatrot, to shed innocent blood, to oppress pipo, con dey use gragra for pipo.”

18. So dis na wetin Baba-God tok about Jehoiakim wey be di son of Josiah—king of Judah: “Dem no go cry for am: ‘Ah, my broda!’ or, ‘Ah, my sista!’ Dem no go cry for am: ‘Ah, my oga! Ah, hin levels!’

19. Dem go bury am like donkey—dem go drag am komot, con throway am outside di gates of Jerusalem.

20. Go Lebanon make you cry out, make dem hear your voice for Bashan, cry out from Abarim, becos dem don kill all di pipo wey love una.

21. I bin warn una wen everitin bin dey alright, but una tok sey, ‘I no go listen!’ Na dis kain way una don dey follow since wen you be youth; una no gree obey my voice.

22. Heavy-breeze go pursue all of una shepherds komot, and all una padi go be prisoners for foreign land. Naso shame plus disgrace go catch una becos of all your wickedness.

23. Una wey dey stay for Lebanon (Jerusalem), wey build una house wit cedars, see as e go bad for una, and see as una go cry, wen di teeth of pain bite una. Di pain na like woman wey wan born pikin.”

Warning For Jehoiachin

24. “As surely as I live,” naso Baba-God tok, “Even if you, Jehoiachin, wey be di son of Jehoiakim wey be di king of Judah—be di ring wey I dey wear as my sign of pawa, I go still komot you from my finger.

25. I go carry you give those pipo wey dey fyne your life, and to those pipo wey you dey fear dia face—to Nebuchadnezzar wey be di king of Babylon, and to di Chaldeans.

26. Naso I go pursue you komot, and even di mama wey born you—I go pursue una enta anoda kontri where una go be foreigners, and na for there una go die put.

27. Una no go fit come back to di land wey una love to come back to.

28. Abi dis man Jehoiachin na idol wey don break, and wey dem fashi? Abi na container wey no make-sense? Why dem con carry him and hin seed komot, to land wey dem no sabi before?

29. Oh earth, Oh earth, hear Baba-God word!

30. Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis: ‘Make history write am sey dis man no get pikin, na man wey no go prosper for hin days: none of hin pikin go prosper, or go sidon for di king-chair of David, or rule Judah again.


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