Nehemiah,  Jeremiah

Jeremiah Chapter 23

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Di Pure Branch

  1. Wahala for di pastors wey dey scata di sheep (pipo) of my green-land (place of rest)!” Naso Baba-God tok.
  2. So na wetin Baba-God of Israel tok be dis, against di pastors wey dey feed my pipo: “Becos una don scata my pipo, con pursue dem komot, and una no gree take care of dem, I go use evil take punish una, becos of di evil tins wey una don do,” naso Baba-God tok.
  3. “Me by mysef go gada di remaining of my pipo from everi kontri wey I don pursue dem go, and I go carry dem come back to dia green-land, where dem go produce fruits, con dey burku more-more.
  4. I go give dem shepherds (leaders) wey go take care for dem, dia mind no go cut again, or fear, and no single one of dem go dey miss,” naso Baba-God tok.
  5. Baba-God tok sey, “Days dey come, wen I go raise beta branch from David, and king go rule, con prosper, and he go bring judgement plus justice to di earth.
  6. For hin days, Judah go dey saved, and Israel go live safely. And na dis name dem go call am: DI OGA WEY BE AWA GOODNESS.”
  7. Baba-God tok sey “See, days dey come wen pipo no go swear again wit di name of di living God wey carry Israel komot from Egypt,
  8. Instead dem go swear wit di name of di living God wey carry Israel komot from di land of di north, and komot from di kontris where he bin pursue dem go.’ Naso dem go live for dia own land.”

Prophets Wey Dey Tok Lie

9. My heart don break inside me becos of di fake prophets; all my bones dey shake. I be like man wey don high, like man wey ogogoro don knock down, becos of Baba-God and hin holy words.

10. Di land burku wit pipo wey dey commit adultery (pipo wey no dey faithful to Baba-God); di land don dry becos of di curse, and di green-land for di desert don dry kpatakpata. Di prophets dey follow evil way, and dem dey use dia pawa take do wuru-wuru.

11. Both prophets plus priests no dey fear Baba-God; even for inside my house, I dey see dia wickedness,” naso Baba-God tok.

12. “So I go let dia way make dem draw-fall—for inside darkness; dem go run enta darkness and na for there dem go fall. I go make kasala burst for dem for di year wey I go punish dem,” naso Baba-God tok.

13. And I don see mumu tins among di prophets of Samaria: dem dey prophesy wit Baal, con make my pipo Israel—to waka miss-road.

14. And I don see wicked tin among di prophets of Jerusalem: Dem dey sleep wit pipo wife, and dem dey tok lie. Dem dey give pawa to evil pipo hand, sote no pesin wan gree komot hand from wickedness. All of dem be like Sodom to me; di pipo of Jerusalem be like Gomorrah.”

15. So na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok about di prophets: “I go make dem chop bitter food, and dem go drink water wey get poison, becos di prophets of Jerusalem don spread evil for di whole land.”

16. Na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok be dis: “Make una no listen to wetin di prophets dey prophesy to una, dem dey whyne una wit fake hope. Dem dey tok about visions from dia own mind, no be from Baba-God mouth.

17. Dem dey always dey tell di pipo wey hate me sey, ‘Baba-God tok sey: E go beta for una.’ And dem dey tell all di pipo wey dey follow di reasoning of dia own heart—sey, ‘Una no go face any wahala.’

18. “Abi any of dis prophets don reach Baba-God front to hear wetin he really dey tok? Abi any one of dem don calm down to listen?

19. See, Baba-God rolling-breeze don burst out wit vex—evensef, na serious rolling-breeze wey go roll on top of wicked pipo head.

20. Baba-God vex no go turn back until e do wetin dey for hin heart. Una go understand am well las-las.

21. I no send all dis prophets message, but dem don waka wit dia own message; I no tok to dem, but dem don prophesy.

22. But if to sey dem follow my plans, con make my pipo hear my words, naso dem for turn my pipo komot from dia evil ways and from di bad-bad-tins wey dem dey do.

23. Baba-God dey ask sey, “Abi I be God wey only just dey near, and I no still dey for far-far?

24. Abi any pesin fit hide for coded place—sote I no go con fit see am?” naso Baba-God dey ask. “Abi no be me full di heaven plus di earth?” naso Baba-God dey ask.

25. “I don hear wetin di prophets dey yarn—wey dey prophesy lies wit my name. Dem go tok sey, ‘I get one dream! I get one dream!’

26. How long dis kain tin go kontinu inside di hearts of all dis prophets wey dey tok lie? Yes, dem dey prophesy di fake reasoning of dia own heart.

27. Dem dey tink sey di dreams wey dem dey tell one anoda go make my pipo forget my name, just as dia ancestors take forget my name by worshipping Baal.

28. Make di prophet wey get dream—tok hin dream, but make di pesin wey get my word—tok am wit faithfulness. Difference dey between chaff and wheat!”

29. Baba-God dey ask sey, “Abi my word no be like faya, or like hammer wey dey break rock into pieces?”

30. So, Baba-God tok sey, “See, I dey against all dis prophets wey dey steal messages from each oda (copy-copy), con dey claim sey na from me.”

31. Baba-God tok sey, “Yes, I dey against di prophets wey get sweet-mouth, wey dey tok sey, ‘Baba-God tok sey….!’

32. See, I dey against those pipo dey wey prophesy fake dreams,” naso Baba-God tok, “Dem dey tell my pipo, con make dem waka miss-road wit di lies wey dem dey use full-mind dey tok, but I no choose dem or send dem message. Di pipo no dey gain any single tin from dem.

Fake Prophecies

33. Wen all dis pipo, or prophet, or priest, ask you sey, ‘Wetin be di message from Baba-God?’ Naso you go ansa dem sey, ‘Which message? I go soon fashi una,” naso Baba-God tok.

34. “And as for di prophet or priest, or anybody else wey dey claim sey, ‘Dis na di message from Baba-God,’ I go punish dat man and hin family.

35. Make una dey always ask unasef, ‘Wetin be Baba-God ansa?’ or ‘Wetin Baba-God dey tok?’

36. But make una stop to dey use dis yarnings, ‘Baba-God tell me sey……’ Make everi man stand for hin word; becos pipo dey bend di word of Baba-God Almighty—di living God.

37. Dis na wetin you suppose tell di prophets: ‘Wetin Baba-God ansa una?’ or, ‘Wetin Baba-God dey tok?’

38. But since una dey tok sey, ‘Baba-God tell me sey….’ So dis na wetin Baba-God tok: ‘Becos una still dey tok sey: ‘Baba-God tell me sey,’ even though I warn una make una no dey tok like dat again,

39. So I go surely forget una kpatakpata, con fashi una wit di city wey I give una and una papa-papa-papa. Naso I go pursue una komot from my front.

40. I go put disgrace for una head forever, and everlasting shame wey dem no go forget.”


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