Jeremiah Chapter 25

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Seventy Years As Prisoners of War

  1. Dis na di message wey come meet Jeremiah about all di pipo of Judah for di fourth year of Jehoiakin wey be di son of Josiah, di king of Judah—dis na di first year of Nebuchadnezzar di king of Babylon.
  2. So Jeremiah di prophet tell of di pipo of Judah and di pipo of Jerusalem dis message, sey:
  3. For twenty three years—from di thirteenth year of Josiah wey be di son of Amon di king of Judah, reach today—Baba-God word don come meet me, and I don follow una tok everi time, but una no gree listen.
  4. And even though Baba-God don send all hin servants di prophets to una everi time, una no gree listen or put mind for wetin dem dey tok.
  5. Dem tok sey, “Make all of una change now from una evil ways, and di bad-bad-tins wey una dey do, and una go stay for di land wey Baba-God give una and una papa for ever and ever.
  6. Make una no follow oda gods, con dey serve dem or worship dem; and make una no make me vex wit di tins wey una make wit una hands; so dat I no go wound una.
  7. Baba-God tok sey, “But una no gree listen to me, and una don make me vex wit wetin una hand don make, and dis tin no good for una at all.”
  8. So Baba-God Almighty tok sey: “Becos una no gree listen to my words,
  9. See, I go command all di armies of di north, plus my servant Nebuchadnezzar, di king of Babylon, and I go bring dem against dis land, against di pipo wey dey stay for dis land, and against all di nations wey surround una. I go scata dem kpatakpata, and pipo go shock wen dem see dem, con even dey laff dem. I go make dis places empty forever.
  10. I go stop di sound of happiness plus jolly-jolly from inside dem, and di voice of man plus woman wey wan marry, and di sound of grinding stone, plus di light of lamp.
  11. Dis whole kontri go turn to empty wasteland, and e go shock pipo. Naso dis nations go serve di king of Babylon for seventy years.”
  12. Baba-God tok sey, “E go happun sey, wen di seventy years don complete, I go punish di king of Babylon and hin nation, plus di land of Babylon for dia sin, plus di land of Chaldeans. Naso I go make dia land empty forever.
  13. I go do all di tins wey I don tok against di dat land, everitin wey dem write for dis book and wey Jeremiah prophesy against all di nations.
  14. Many nation and ogbonge kings go turn dem to slave; I go pay dem back based-on wetin dem don do, and based-on dia hand work.”

Judgement For Di Nations

15. Na wetin Baba-God, di Oga of Israel tell me: “Carry dis cup of ogogoro of my vex wey dey for my hand, and make all di nations wey I go send you go meet—drink am.

16. Wen dem drink am, dem go stagger and dem go mad, becos of di sword wey I go send to dem.”

17. So I carry di cup from Baba-God hand and make all di nation wey he send me go meet—drink am:

18. Jerusalem plus di cities of Judah, dia kings, plus all dia princes—to scata dem, and make pipo shock for dem, laff dem, con curse dem—as dem be today;

19. Pharaoh di king of Egypt, hin servants, hin princes plus all hin pipo,

20. And all di foreigners wey dey for there, all di kings of di land of Uz; all di kings of di Philistine cities of Ashkelon, Gaza, Ekron, and di pipo wey remain for Ashdod;

21. Edom, Moab and Ammon,

22. All di kings of Tyre plus Sidon; di kings of di island wey dey afta di big-river:

23. Dedan, Tema, Buz and all of dem wey dey far-far;

24. All di kings of Arabia, and all di kings of di mix tribes wey dey stay for di desert;

25. All di kings of Zimri, all di kings Elam, plus all di kings Medes;

26. Plus all di kings of di north, wey far and wey near, one afta di oda, and all di kingdoms wey dey for di earth. And afta all of dem, di king of Sheshach go drink sef.”

27. Naso Baba-God tell me sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty, di God of Israel, tok: ‘Drink, make una shayo [high] and make una vomit. Make una fall and no stand up again, becos of di sword wey I go send to una.’

28. But if dem no gree collect di cup from your hand, con drink am, tell dem sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘Una must drink am!

29. See, I don start to dey bring palava come di city (Jerusalem) wey dem dey call wit my Name, abi una no go receive punishment at-all? Yes, I go punish una: becos I dey bring sword come down to meet all di pipo wey dey stay for di earth, naso Baba-God Almighty tok!’

30. “Now prophesy all dis words against dem, con tell dem sey: ‘Baba-God go shout from heaven, Baba-God go raise hin voice from hin holy place, against hin land. He go shout as he dey march hin pipo like those pipo wey dey march grapes; he go shout against everi pesin for di earth

31. Di cry of judgement go reach di end of di earth, becos Baba-God go judge di nations; he go judge everi human being, and he go kill wicked pipo wit sword,’ ” naso Baba-God tok.

32. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “See, evil go spread from nation to nation; and serious rolling-breeze go rise up from di ends of di earth.”

33. For dat time, those pipo wey Baba-God kill go dey everi where—from one end of di earth to di oda end. Pipo no go fit cry for dem, or gada dem for burial, but dem go be like yama-yama wey dey for ground.

34. Cry and make una halla, una wey be shepherds; roll for dust, una wey dey lead di pipo, becos di time don reach wey dem go kill una like sheep; una go fall, con scata like fine clay pot.

35. Di shepherds no go get any place to run go, di leaders of di pipo no go get any place to escape to.

36. Dem go hear di cry of di shepherds, di serious cry of di leaders of di pipo; becos Baba-God don scata dia green-land.

37. Quiet places go turn to desert wen Baba-God dey vex seriously.

38. Baba-God don komot from di place wey he dey hide—like strong lion wey dey fyne animal to catch, and dia land go empty becos of di wickedness of di pipo wey dey oppress dem, and becos Baba-God dey vex seriously.


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