Jeremiah Chapter 3

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      Di Land Wey Don Spoil

  1. Dem tok sey, “If man pursue hin wife komot, and she komot from am, and she con go marry anoda man, abi di man fit go meet her again? Abi dat land no go corrupt? But una don behave like ashawo wey get plenty boyfriend; and una still come back to meet me,’ Naso Baba-God tok.
  2. Look di shrines wey dey for on top of every hill, abi e get any place wey una neva corrupt by sleeping wit oda gods? Una dey sidon like ashawo wey dey for corner of road dey wait for customer. Una dey sidon alone like shepherd for inside desert. Una don corrupt di land wit una ashawo, plus una wickedness.
  3. Nahin make rain no gree fall, and di last rains no gree show, and una forehead be like ashawo forehead—shame no gree catch una.
  4. Abi you no go pray to me from dis time, ‘My papa, na you dey guide my youth.
  5. Abi he go keep hin vex forever? Abi he go keep am to di end?’ Naso una dey tok, but una kontinu to dey do all di bad-bad-tins wey una fit do.”

Di Call To Repent

6. Baba-God still follow me yarn for di days of king Josiah, “You don see wetin Israel wey dey backslide do? She don climb on top everi high mountain plus under everi green tree, and she don behave like ashawo for there.

7. Afta she do all dis tins, I con tok sey, ‘Come back to me.’ But she no gree come back. And her unfaithful sista Judah—she see everitin.

8. She see as I take pursue Israel wey no get faith komot—becos she dey sleep wit oda gods. But dat her unfaithful sista no fear, and now, she sef don turn komot from my side, con dey go do ashawo work.

9. E con happun sey, Israel do her ashawo work like play-play, she no reason before she sleep wit oda gods by worshipping idols wey dem make wit wood plus stones—so di land don corrupt now.

10. And even upon all dis tins, her unfaithful sista Judah, neva turn to me wit her full heart. She just dey pretend,” naso Baba-God tok.

11. Baba-God con tell me sey, “E con be like sey even though Israel backslide from me—she still beta pass Judah wey no dey faithful.

12. Go tell di north dis yarnings, and make you tell dem sey, ‘Come back to me, Israel wey don backslide, and I no go vex for una.’ Naso Baba-God tok, ‘Becos I dey sorry-for pesin, and I no go keep my vex forever,’ naso Baba-God tok.

13. Only just gree sey you don do bad-bad-tins, agree sey you don commit sin against your God, and you don sleep wit oda gods—by worshipping dem for under everi green tree. And you no still obey my voice,’ Naso Baba-God tok.

14. Come back, chai, pikin (Israel) wey no dey faithful,’ Naso Baba-God tok, ‘Becos I don marry una. I go carry una come back to di land of Israel—I go pick one pesin from one city, and two pipo from everi family—and I go carry una come back to Zion.

15. I go give una pastors based-on my heart, wey go feed una knowledge plus understanding.

16. Baba-God tok sey, “And e go happun sey wen una don dey plenty and burku for di land, una no go tok about di Ark. E no go come una mind, una no go remember am, and una no go need to build di Ark again [instead of di ark wey be sign sey I dey wit dem, I go show-face for dem].

17. For dat time, dem go call Jerusalem di king-chair of Baba-God, and all di nations go gada for there, for Baba-God name, for Jerusalem, and dem no go follow di reasoning of dia evil heart again.

18. For those days, di house of Judah go work wit di house of Israel, and dem go come togeda to komot from di land of di north, to di land wey I don give dia papa-papa-papa as dia property.

19. But I con reason sey, ‘How I go like to treat una as part of my own pikin, con give una good land, and beta property among di nations? I con tok sey, ‘Una go call me my papa; and una no go turn komot from me.

20. Surely, as unfaithful wife take dey komot from her husband, naso una take turn komot from me, chai house of Israel,” naso Baba-God tok.

21. Dem hear voice from on top of di mountains, di cry and prayers of di pikin of Israel: becos dem don do bad-bad-tins, and dem don fashi Baba-God wey be dia Oga.

22. Come back, all of una wey don turn komot from Baba-God, naso I go heal una heart wey don waka miss-road.” And di pipo ansa am sey, “We go come back to you, becos na you be Baba-God awa Oga.”

23. We bin dey true-true waste awa time dey hope sey di useless idols wey we dey worship fit save us—so we meet dem for on top of di hills and on top of plenty mountains. True-true, na only Baba-God fit save Israel.

24. From awa youth days, gods wey dey bring shame—don chop di hard work of awa ancestors; dia animals, dia plenty malu, and dia sons, plus dia daughters.

25. We dey sleep for inside awa shame, and awa katakata don cover us: becos we don sin against Baba-God awa Oga, we plus awa ancestors, from awa youth days till today, and we no gree obey di voice of Baba-God awa Oga.


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