Jeremiah Chapter 30

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Israel Plus Judah Go Come Back To Di Land

  1. Di message wey come meet Jeremiah from Baba-God sey,
  2. “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok, di God of Israel, ‘Write all dis words wey I dey yarn you for book.
  3. Days dey come wen I go bring my pipo—Israel plus Judah come back from di prison of foreign land, con give dem back di land wey I give dia papa-papa-papa—as dia property,’ naso Baba-God tok.”
  4. Dis na wetin Baba-God tok about Israel plus Judah:
  5. “Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis: ‘I don hear cry of fear and no be peace.
  6. Ask now, make una see: Abi man fit born pikin? So why I con dey see everi strong man wit dia hand for dia belle, like woman wey dey feel pain as she wan born pikin, everi pesin face don dey fade.
  7. Dat day go bad well-well! No day go ever be like dat. E go be time of wahala for my pipo (Jacob), but dem go escape from am.”
  8. Baba-God Almighty tok sey, “Wen dat day reach, I go break di heavy-wood wey dem dey put for malu neck—from dia neck, con komot dia chains, and dem no go be slaves to foreigners again.
  9. Instead, dem go serve Baba-God wey be dia Oga, and David dia king wey I go raise up for dem.”
  10. Baba-God tok sey, “So, make you no fear—oh Jacob my servant, and make you no lose hope—oh Israel. See, I go surely save una komot from foreign land, con save una pikin komot from land wey dem be prisoners. My pipo go come back, and dem go get peace plus security again—sote no pesin go fit make dem fear.
  11. I dey wit you and I go save you,” naso Baba-God tok. “Even though I dabaru oda nations kpatakpata—among where I bin scata una go, I no go scata you kpatakpata. I go correct una wit justice, and I no go let you escape punishment.”
  12. Dis na wetin Baba-God tok; “Una wound no fit heal, una wound serious well-well.
  13. No pesin dey wey go beg for una, no cure for your wound, medicine no dey to heal una.
  14. All your padi don fashi you; dem no care about una; I don wound una like enemy; una punishment don serious well-well becos una sins burku and una wickedness brekete.
  15. Why una dey cry becos of una suffer-head, and una pain wey no get cure? I punish una like dis becos una sins burku and una wickedness brekete.
  16. But I go chop all di pipo wey chop una; dem go catch all una enemies go foreign land. Dem go rob those pipo wey rob una, and dem go attack all di pipo wey attack una.
  17. But I go give una good health again, con heal una wounds,” naso Baba-God tok, “Becos dem call you outcast, dem tok sey, ‘Zion wey no pesin care about.’ ”
  18. Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis: “See, I go carry my pipo of Jacob go back to dia land, con sorry-for dia land; dem go build Jerusalem again from di scata-scata, and di palaces go dey like before.
  19. Songs of tanks-giving plus happiness go flow out from dem. I go add pipo join dem, and dem no go be small pipo; I go honor dem, and dem no go be small pipo.
  20. Dia pikin go shine like before, dia community go stand gidigbam for my front, and I go punish all di pipo wey dey oppress dem.
  21. Dem go get dia own leaders again, and dia govnor go be among dia own pipo. I go make am come meet me, and he go come meet me. Who get-liver to come meet me—unless I invite am? naso Baba-God dey ask.
  22. So una go be my pipo, and I go be una God.
  23. See, Baba-God strong-breeze go burst out wit vex, rolling-breeze wey no dey stop, and e go move go di head of wicked pipo wit pain.
  24. Baba-God serious vex no go turn back until e do everitin wey e wan do, until e do wetin dey for e mind. Una go understand dis tin las-las.


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