Jeremiah Chapter 32

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Jeremiah Buy Land

  1. Baba-God message come meet Jeremiah for di tenth year of Zedekiah wey be di king of Judah, wey be di eighteenth year of king Nebuchadnezzar.
  2. Naso di army of di king of Babylon surround Jerusalem, and dem arrest Jeremiah di prophet for di palace of di king of Judah.
  3. Zedekiah wey be di king of Judah bin arrest am for there sey, “Why you dey prophesy like dis? You tok sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: I go soon give dis city to di king of Babylon, and he go take di city.
  4. Zedekiah wey be di king of Judah no go escape from di hand of di Babylonians, but he go surely fall enta di hands of di king of Babylon, and he go follow am tok face to face, con see am wit hin own eyes.
  5. He go carry Zedekiah go Babylon, where he go dey until I deal wit am, naso Baba-God tok. If you fight against di pipo of Babylon, you no go win.’ ”
  6. Jeremiah con tok sey, “Baba-God message come meet me sey:
  7. ‘Hanamel wey be son of Shallum, your uncle, go come meet you, con tok sey: Buy my land wey dey for Anathoth, becos as my relative wey close to me, na you get di right to buy di land.’
  8. So just as Baba-God bin tok, my cousin Hanamel come meet me for di yard of di prison, con tell me sey, ‘Abeg buy my land wey dey for Anathoth for di land of Benjamin, becos na you get di right to buy di land back. Buy am for yoursef.’ Naso I con take sabi sey Baba-God don tok to me.
  9. So I buy di land of my cousin Hanamel, for Anthoth. I con pay am seventeen silver coins.
  10. I sign, con seal di documents, witness dey for there, and I count di moni for am.
  11. Naso I carry two copies of di documents—di copy wey get seal, and di open document—based-on tradition.
  12. I carry dem give Baruch wey be di son of Neriah, and di son of Mahseiah, for front of my cousin Hanamel, plus di witnesses wey sign di agreement, plus all di Jews wey dey sidon for di yard of di prison.
  13. For dia front nahin I tell Baruch wetin he go do:
  14. “Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, di God of Israel: ‘Take dis documents of di agreement sey I don buy di land, both di copy wey dem seal plus di one wey dem no seal, con put dem inside clay pot to save am for long time.’ ”
  15. Becos dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, di God of Israel: ‘Dem go buy houses, land, plus farm again for dis land.’

Jeremiah Prayer For Understanding

16. Afta I don give di documents to Baruch wey be di son of Neriah, I pray to Baba-God:

17. “Ah, Baba-God Almighty, na you make di heavens plus di earth wit your ogbonge pawa, and your hand wey stretch out. Notin dey too hard for you.

18. You dey show soft-love to thousands, but you dey punish even di next generation for di sins of dia papa. Oh ogbonge God wey get pawa, Almighty God na hin name.

19. Your plans na ogbonge and your works na elele. Your eyes dey open to all di ways of men; you dey reward everi pesin based-on wetin dem do, and based-on wetin dem suppose get.

20. You do miracle signs plus wonders for Egypt, and you don kontinu dem reach today, both inside Israel and among all human being. And you don make name for yoursef, as e be so today.

21. You carry your pipo Israel, komot from Egypt wit signs plus wonders, wit your strong hand wey stretch come out, and wit serious kasala.

22. You give dem dis land wey you don swear to give dia papa-papa-papa, land wey dey flow wit milk plus honey.

23. Dem enta di land, con claim am, but dem no gree obey your voice, or follow your law. Dem no gree for any of di tins wey you tell dem to do. So you make all dis kasala fall on dem.

24. See as enemies don set wall to attack di city. Becos of war, hunger and disease, di city don fall enta di hands of di pipo of Babylon.

25. And even though di city go fall for di hands of di pipo of Babylon, you, oh Baba-God Almighty, don tell me to buy di land, and to pay beta moni for di land, for front of witnesses.

E Confam Sey Jerusalem Go Fall

26. So message from Baba-God come meet Jeremiah:

27. “Na me be di Oga, di God of all pipo. Abi e get anytin wey too hard for me?”

28. Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “See, I go soon carry dis city give di pipo of Babylon and to Nebuchadnezzar di king of Babylon, wey go take dis city.

29. Di pipo of Babylon wey dey attack dis city go enta, con burn di city wit faya, dem go burn am down wit di houses where di pipo make me vex by burning incense to Baal—on top of di roof, and by pouring drink offerings to oda gods.

30. Di pipo of Israel plus Judah only don do evil for my eyes since wen dem small. True-true di only tin wey di pipo of Israel don do na to make me vex wit wetin dem make wit dia hands—naso Baba-God tok.

31. From di day wen dem build dis city till today, di city don really ginger me to dey vex and para for dem, sote I go komot am from my face,

32. becos di pipo of Israel and Judah don make me vex wit di evil tins wey dem don do—dem, dia kings plus princes, dia priests and prophets, di men of Judah, plus di pipo of Jerusalem.

33. Dem don turn dia back to me—and dem no gree face me; even though I teach dem again and again from early mor-mor, dem no gree listen or do di tins wey I dey correct dem.

34. Dem dey set dia tufiakwa idols inside di house wey dem dey call wit my name, con corrupt am.

35. Dem build dia shrines for Baal, for bottom-of-di-mountain of Benhinnom—to sacrifice dia sons plus daughters to Molech. No be wetin I tell dem to do be dat, and my mind no reason dem to do dat kain mumu tin, con make Judah commit sin.

Di Promise To Bring Back Di Pipo

36. About dis city, wey una tok about sey, ‘Wit sword, hungry, plus disease nahin di king of Babylon go use take-over di city’: Dis na wetin Baba-God, di God of Israel dey tok:

37. See, I go surely gada dem from all di land wey I bin pursue dem go as I bin dey para and vex seriously. I go carry dem come back again to dis place, and dem go live wit safety.

38. Dem go be my pipo and I go be dia God.

39. I go make dem get one heart, and one way, so dat dem go dey always fear me—and so dat e go beta for dem plus dia pikin wey go live afta dem.

40. I go make everlasting agreement wit dem. I no go ever stop to dey do beta tins for dem. I go ginger dem to fear me, so dat dem no go ever turn komot from me.

41. I go happy to do beta tins for dem, and I go surely plant dem put for dis land wit my whole heart and soul.”

42. Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “As I don bring all dis kasala for all dis pipo, naso I go take give dem all di beta-beta-tins wey I don promise dem.

43. Pipo go buy land for dis place again wey una dey tok sey, ‘Na empty land wey pipo or animals no dey stay, di pipo of Babylon don take-over di land.’

44. Dem go use moni take buy land for dis place, and dem go sign agreement for am, wit seal plus witness for di area of Benjamin, for di villages wey dey around Jerusalem, for inside di cities of Judah, for di cities of di mountains, di low mountains, and for di cities of di south—becos I go bring dem back from foreign land,” naso Baba-God tok.


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