Jeremiah Chapter 34

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Prophecy Against Zedekiah

  1. As Nebuchadnezzar wey be king of Babylon and all hin army, plus all di kingdoms and pipo wey dey for hin kontri—dey fight against Jerusalem and all di cities wey dey near am, dis word come meet Jeremiah from Baba-God:
  2. “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok, di God of Israel: Go meet Zedekiah wey be king of Judah, con tell am sey: ‘I go soon give dis city to di king of Babylon, and he go burn am wit faya.
  3. You no go fit escape from hin hand, but he go surely catch you. You go see di king of Babylon wit your korokoro eyes, and he go follow you tok face to face. Naso you go go Babylon.’
  4. Hear Baba-God word, Oh Zedekiah king of Judah. ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God tok about you: No be sword go kill you;
  5. You go die wit peace. As pipo take make ceremonies to respect your ancestors, di old kings wey bin dey before you, naso dem go take burn incenses to respect you and to cry for you, “Las-las, oh oga!” I don yarn dis words—naso Baba-God tok.’ ”
  6. So Jeremiah di prophet tell Zedekiah di king of Judah—all dis tins, for Jerusalem,
  7. As di army of di king of Babylon dey fight Jerusalem plus oda cities of Judah, dem still dey attack Lachish plus Azakah—wey be di only strong city of Judah wey remain.

Freedom For Hebrew Slaves

8. Baba-God message come meet Jeremiah afta king Zedekiah don make agreement wit all di pipo wey dey for inside Jerusalem, to announce freedom for di slaves.

9. Everi pesin suppose free hin Hebrew slave, both man and woman; no pesin suppose hold hin fellow Jews as slave.

10. So all di princes and di pipo wey do di agreement, gree sey dem go free dia man and woman slave, and dem no go take dem as slave again. Dem gree, con free dem.

11. But dem change dia mind lata, con carry dia slaves wey dem bin free, con turn dem to slave again.

12. So message from Baba-God come meet Jeremiah sey:

13. “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok, di God of Israel: I bin make agreement wit una papa-papa-papa wen I carry dem komot from Egypt, from di land of slavery—sey,

14. “Everi seventh years, everi single one of una must free any fellow Hebrew wey don sell hinsef to you. Afta he don serve you for six years, you must let am go free,’ but una papa no gree listen to me or turn dia ears to me.

15. E neva too tey, una repent con do di right tin for my eyes: all of una free una own kontri pipo. Una even make agreement for my front inside di house wey dem dey call wit my Name:

16. But now una don turn back con spoil my name; all of una don go back to carry both una man and woman slaves wey una bin free before to go where dem like. Una don use gragra take turn dem to slaves again—to be una house-boys and house-girls.

17. “So dis na wetin Baba-God yarn: ‘Since una no gree obey me; una neva free una own kontri pipo. So now I dey give una ‘freedom’, freedom to fall by sword, hunger plus disease—naso Baba-God tok. And I go make dem scata una to all di kingdoms for di earth.

18. Naso I go let enemies carry di men wey don break my agreement, and wey no gree do di words of di agreement wey dem make for my front, wen dem cut di malu-pikin into two, con waka pass di middle of di two parts,

19. di princes of Jerusalem plus Judah, di servants, di priests, plus all di pipo for di land, wey waka pass di middle of di malu wey dem cut into two—

20. I go carry dem give dia enemies wey dey fyne dia life. Dia deadbody go turn to food for di birds of di air and wild animals of di earth.

21. And I go give king Zedekiah wey be di king of Judah, plus all hin prince—to di army of di king of Babylon wey bin komot from una.”

22. Baba-God tok sey, “I go give di order, and I go bring dem come back to dis city. Dem go fight di city, dem go take-over di city, con burn am wit faya. Naso I go turn di cities of Judah to empty land—sote no pesin go fit live for there.”


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