Jeremiah Chapter 35

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Di Recabites Obey

  1. Dis na di message wey come meet Jeremiah from Baba-God wen king Jehoiakim wey be di son of Josiah be king of Judah:
  2. “Go meet di Recabite family, con inivite dem, make dem come one of di side rooms wey dey for inside Baba-God house. Den give dem wine to drink.”
  3. So I go carry Jaazaniah wey be son of Jeremiah, di son of Habazziniaha, and hin brodas, plus all hin sons—di full family of di Recabites.
  4. I carry dem enta Baba-God house, enta di room of di son of Hanan wey be di son of Igdaliah di man of God. E dey near di room of di princes wey dey on top of di room of Maaseiah wey be di son of Shallum, di guard for di door of Baba-God house.
  5. I con set bowl wey full wit wine, plus cups for front of di Recabite family. Naso I tell dem sey, “Make una drink wine.”
  6. But dem ansa me sey, “We no dey drink wine, becos awa ancestors Jonadab wey be di son of Recab tell us sey: ‘Make una or una pikin-pikin-pikin no ever drink wine forever.
  7. And una must no build any house, plant seed, or get garden; una must no get any of all dis tins, but una must always stay for inside tents. So dat una go fit live long for di land wey una leg carry una go.’
  8. We don obey everitin wey awa ancestors Jonadab, wey be di son of Recab—tell us. None of us or awa wives or awa daughters don ever drink wine,
  9. or build house to stay, or get garden, land, or farm.
  10. We don live inside tents and we don fully obey everitin wey awa ancestors Jonadab tell us to do.
  11. But wen king Nebuchadnezzar wey be di king of Babylon enta dis land, we tok sey, ‘Come, we must go Jerusalem to escape from di armies of Babylon and di armies of Syria.’ Naso we take stay for Jerusalem.’ ”

Baba-God Change-am-for Juda

12. So message from Baba-God come meet Jeremiah sey:

13. “Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, di God of Israel: Go tell di men of Judah and di pipo of Jerusalem sey: Abi una no go learn lesson, con obey my words?’ naso Baba-God tok.

14. ‘Jonadab wey be son of Recab tell hin sons make dem no drink wine, and dem do wetin dia papa tell dem to do. Dem no gree drink wine till today, becos dem obey wetin dia papa-papa-papa tell dem to do. But I don follow una tok again and again, but una no still obey me.

15. I always dey send my servants di prophets to una. Dem tok sey, ‘All of una must change from una wicked ways, con repent; no follow oda gods to serve dem. Den una go live for di land wey I don give una and una papa-papa-papa.’ But una no gree listen to me or obey me.

16. Di sons of Jonadab, wey be son of Recab—don do wetin dia papa-papa-papa tell dem to do, but dis pipo no gree obey me.

17. So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, di God of Israel: ‘Listen, I go bring all di kasala wey I don tok against di pipo of Judah plus Jerusalem. I follow dem yarn, but dem no gree listen; I call dem, but dem no gree ansa.’ ”

18. So Jeremiah tell di family of di Recabites sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok, di God of Israel: ‘Becos una don obey wetin una papa Jonadab tell una, and una don do everitin wey he teach una, con do everitin wey he tok,

19. So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, di God of Israel: ‘Jonadab wey be di son of Recab go always get son wey go serve me forever.’ ”


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